Substantial Speaks Of His Sacrifices

Contributed by AdamBernard:

Many people know Substantial from the Extended Famm classic “F.Y.I.R.B (Fu** You I Rhyme Better).” The baritone voiced Maryland native’s work with EFamm and QN5 has only grown since then. After spending the past half decade recording and touring everywhere from New York to Japan all of his hard work will finally culminate in January of 2008 with the release of Sacrifice. Overseas Hip-Hop fans already know that Substantial is an MC of a higher caliber that deserves listeners’ attention, with Sacrifice US fans will no doubt catch on, as well. This week RapReviews sat down with Substantial to find out more about his new album, the sacrifices he’s made in life, and how working in education has changed the way he approaches creating a song. Read the full interview at

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