Suge Gives Out More Insight In Interview – Part 2

Well just completed another great interview with Carson Daly. This time Suge railed on the other labels that spawned during his jail time and took a few low blows at Puffy, hinting that he still may have a Jennifer Lopez porn tape. Suge recounted a story about Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg inviting to spend some time in LA, “And Dre and Snoop told him that, ‘When you on the west coast, you wrote a song for me, don’t worry ’bout nothin’.’ Next thing I know he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged.” Read on for the full transcript.

>> carson: Hey, what’s up, this is carson daly. You are watching “last
call.” We are here with suge knight for our second part of a two-part interview.
Originally, we planned on doing one show, but then suge said, “i ain’t
done yet.” And then i said, “okay, we’ll do two shows.” And he was nice
enough to stay. We’ve covered, basically, the start of death row records.
We’ve talked about snoop and dre. And the passing of tupac and biggie smalls.
Say hello again, please, to suge knight, everybody. Thanks for staying,

[ Applause ] I met you today, we talked, and you seem like a great guy
here. But certainly, there’s something in your life that you regret. What
are you guilty of? That you regret doing?

>> Not what I regret, because you learn from anything you do. Regardless
is it’s great, it’s good or bad. But I’m guilty of being human, because
I’m mortal. I’m not immortal. So that as long as i’m here, and just like
you here, we gonna make mistakes. We gonna do things not correct. I can’t
save the world. You can’t save the world. God created us.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Jesus tried to veve the world, and he was crucified.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And nobody can never be on the page of jesus and god. So only thing
we can try do is play our position.

>> Carson: But you don’t feel that at any point you ever took it too
far? Did you ever go overboard on some situations?

>> I think everybody have an ugly side.

>> Carson: Right. Tell me about your ugly side. What is suge knight’s
ugly side?

>> Well, if a guy named kenny wrote this sign, he said — and you know,
they doin’ this song called “black out.” I guess, you — black out is the
ugly side. But I think —

>> carson: There gotta be some night, some conversation, and it could
of been in the last ten years. That now you’ve done your time, and you’re
out, and you’re runnin’ your business. And you’re a good business man.
That you regret what you did, and you have learned from that. And you know
you’re not goin’ toto do those things again.

>> I think there’s a whole bunch of things I learned from — not gonna
do those things again. All’s I gotta say, it’s a part of growin’ up.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Just in’ a boy. Bein’ a boy, bein’ a man, you gonna do those type
of things.

>> Carson: Right. But you’re a man. You’re a big man. What size pants
are you?

>> Well, you know, my waist is, like, sorta nice. You know, after doin’
five years, you know. That’s pretty cool down there.

>> Carson: How much is your sheer size been a part of intimidation,
which has come in to role in business? If you were 5’6″, 160 pounds, what
would the impression of suge knight be?

>> If I was 5’6″, 160 pounds, I’bebe bigger than bill gates, ’cause
people say I’m a genius. And that says somethin’, you know? 6’3″, 300 and
maybe 15, 20 pounds, people say it’s intimidation factor. But you gotta
realize about competition. Competition is this — when the house — you
know who i’m talkin’ about — when certain people work for certain companies,
and they both call ’em in and say, “well, why is this guy gettin’ more
spins at the radio station? Why is this guy’s artist better than yours?
Why does his record sound better than your record?” Then they gotta go
in and say, “okay, boss, he’s workin’ harder than me. He’s smarter than
me.” So they gotta blame somethin’. So they look and say, “well, he’s intimidatin’

>> Carson: Just because of your sheer size?

>> Just because of my sheer size. I mean i probably sold 30 million
records or more.

>> Carson: Do you ever wish at any point in your life —

>> i can’t go around and make everybody buy those records.

>> Carson: But suge, think about your business. Was there ever a time
when you wished, “i was a midget.”

[ Laughter ]

>> hell, no.

>> Carson: Think how much money and how much success. You’d be like
bill gates times ten.

>> Let me tell you the thing about it. I thank god every night that
he made a man and made me my size. Even at my worst moment of life when
i go to prison, you know, by me bein’ physical and who i am — I wa’t’t
doin’ laundry, I wasn’t, you know, doin’ those types of things.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Right.

>> You know, i had a — I was enjoyin’ myself. I learned.

>> Carson: Okay, answer me this real quick. When death row was at it’s
top, with dre and tupac and snoop, it was everything. So time has gone
by. You served your time. And answer me this with a name, and then we have
to take a break. Who, if anybody, has replaced death row in your absence?
Who is on top of their game? Is it bad boy?

H hmm-mm. No.

>> Carson: Is it roc-a-fella records?

>> Definitely not.

>> Carson: We’re gonna talk about that. Who is it? Who has replaced
— is there anybody?

>> No, because all they work for the majors. There’s a difference. I
don’t give those guys respect. When those guys come to me and say, “look,
all my masters, all my reels, what you wanna do?” Until they have to say
that, then i tip mhat and the other thing before we take this break, with
the newcomers, when they look at me I go like this.

>> Carson: What’s that?

>> That mean ten years. You come back and talk to me in ten years. If
your around in ten years, and you still survivin’, then we can really talk
some real business.

>> Carson: We’re gonna talk some real business in a second. We’ll take
a quick break. More with suge knight on “last call” after this.

[ Applause ]

[ Applause ]

>> carson: We’re spending our time with suge knight, who was nice enough
to be here. Suge, do you, just real quick as we take a look at you and
wt t you’re wearin’ tonight. Do you own anything blue?

[ Light laughter ]

>> you know, i hope — yeah, I own a pair of blue jeans. But after bein’
in prison, you know, that’s they pretty much common color. Blue and gray,
so I’m sorta turned against gray and blue.

>> Carson: Right. Talk to me about puffy. And your thoughts on bad boy,
and how it’s maybe built in your absence. And, you know, he’s constantly
— the word “mogul” and “p. Diddy” have sort of come hand and hand while
you’ve been away. What are your thoughts on that?

>> Be honest with you, i can’t be a person that can be negative towards
a person that makes a livin’. Because I feel that even if it’s a rapper
or a guy who I don’t know or happens to need cared for, it’s a great opportunity.
If they do well, and they hire somebody from the inner cities, that’s given
out jobs. I just think —

>> carson: So you respect puffy?

>> I think — I don’t respect the business side of some things, because
I know it was a while back. I guess it was, like’95 and everybody thought
I was bein’ real rude and mean —

[ inaudible ] he wanted to be an artist. I said, “well, you know this
guy wanna be an artist. Pretty soon he’ll be rappin’, singin’, actin’,”
you know, all that type of things. And everybody looked and said — I guess
I was just like, “it’s profit.”

[ Laughter ] tellin’ everybody in the future, because he’s rappin’,
singin’, dancin’, even more. You know?

>> Carson: When was the last time you talked to puffy? Have you?

>> I haven’t.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Do you want to? I mean do you have anything to say?

>> I don’t have anything to say. To be honest with you, it’s like, ever
since all those guys, I mean the majority of the guys in the business or
quite a few of ’em, ever since they been in the witness protection program
of the music business, I haven’t seen ’em.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You know, i haven’t seen puffy, dre, snoop. None of those guys. I
mean, I see ja rule — all the guys on the west coast. A lot of these guys
that people actually say who runs around, I don’t see ’em, but i think,
whatever. Actually, to be honest with you-

>> carson: Please do.

>> I feel for puffy a little bit. I mean, it ain’t — nobody want to
kick the guy when he’s down. I mean, anytime e woman of your dreams that
you love dumps you for a dancer —

[ laughter and applause ] you know, hey, give a guy a break. So give
it up for puffy, he’s goin’ through hard times right now. It’s okay.

>> Carson: All right, so let’s say —

>> and i did put out the j. Lo sex tape. See? I have a heart.

>> Carson: You what?

>> I did put out the j. Lo sex tape.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: You put it out?

>> No, i didn’T.

>> Carson: You didn’t t t it out?

>> Did not.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: All right. If puffy’s watchin’ right now —

[ laughter ] and I would be willing to bet he is. And you wanted to
give him one quick piece of advice from the “suge knight world of business.”
And being an entrepreneur/mogul as you both are referenced to quite oftenly
in the press.


>> Carson: What would that be?

>> To be honest with you, I would look at puffy. And I would tell him,
I’d say, “you know, puffy, you have the ability to grow. You have the ability
to be respected in the business world.” I mean, one of the things you gotta
understand —

>> carson: Is a simple matter of owning tapes and masters?

>> You definitely gotta own your masters. You gotta be able to make
the transaction from slave ships to ownerships, number one. And number
two, I think if you are a entrepreneur, a real businessman, as a artist
you might be able to put out three records, maybe ten records. At one time
in your life, you gonna be too old to dance. You gonna be too old to rap.
If you could still be a businessman, you could, if you choose to, you could
be 70 years old and still have the hottest rapper out.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You don’t wanna be hammer.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Right, but if you talk about ownership and owning the masters
and owning the tapes when you sign somebody —

>> right.

>> Carson: If it’s that easy, how come these people out there don’t
all do that?

>> ‘Cause the things, you gotta realize one thing. When i turned the
world — not the world. When i introduce importance of owning your masters
to the people in the business.

>> Carson: Right.

>> When they would go in these meetings, they would go, “I want the
same deal suge knight has. I want to own my masters, I want to own, so
i’m gonna have somethin’ left for my kids.

>> Carson: What do they say?

>> The majorobably tell them, “look, what do want? Do want half a piece
of this cake, or do you want thiwhwhole, raggedy, stale cookie?”

>> Carson: Right.

>> And so I was really, basically, designed to be destroyed.

>> Carson: Right. So wait, you don’t have any business respect, I’ll
say, respectfully, about bad boy or roc-a-fella, because both

t them come under an umbrella of “mother company.”

>> Yeah, the thing is that with those companies that they have, they
can shout all day and say — I n’n’t know roc-a-fella or jay-z, none of
these guys have anything against me.

>> Carson: Do like jay-z’s music?

>> I mean, i think jay-z, he does whatdo — well, he do what he do.

>> Carson: Right.

[ Laughter ]

>> which is some good stuff, you know. But —

[ laughter ]

>> carson: Doesn’t sound like you like him too much.

>> I mean, its’ not the point. I actually wouldn’t —

>> carson: Have you ever met him?

>> I never met him. The only thing i know about jay-z is that he came
to l.A. A few times, and dre and snoop told him that, “when you on the
west coast, you wrote a song for me, don’t worry ’bout nothin’.” Next thing
i know he’s taped up, robbed, and gagged.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Who, jay?

>> Yeah, jay.

>> Carson: Out in L.A.?

>> Out in L.A. But you know —

>> carson: Who was responsible for that?

>> Who knows? But you know, the thing about it, I think jay-z’s a great
guy because he’s created what he do. I do like jay-Z. Honestly, I never
met ’em.

>> Carson: But if these rivalries and these bad things exist, as we
talked about on the last show, solely on wax —

>> right.

>> Carson: Then why do —

>> ’cause the —

[ inaudible ]

>> carson: How is jay-z bound and gagged if this stuff only lives on

[ Laughter ]

>> you gotta realize somethin’. People do bad in the ghetto. How the
story was told to me, the only person who knew what hotel he was at was
snoop. So if the guy’s gonna approach him — I mean i’m not worried too
much — naw, i don’t actually know that. I just know he got —

[ laughter ] that’s a fact. Jay-z, if you listenin’ —

>> carson: All right, let’s take a quick break. Let me sort out everything
suge just said here.

[ Applause ] more suge knight when we get back. You’ret call.”

[ applause ]

>> carn:N: Welcome back to “last call.” I’m carson daly. I’m here with
suge knight all this talk about rap. You ever rap?

>> No, i choose not to rap. I think, actually, i like oldies.

>> Carson: Yeah?

>> If I’m gonna wine and dine, I’m gonna do a little bobby womack, a
little al green, a little isaac.

>> Carson: But you’re in the studio so much, you never jump behind the
mic and let a few verses fly?

>> No, i don’t think it’s fair. You know, I think you gotta — regardless
if it’s puffy or any of the entrepreneurs, or if it’s “p,” whatever, you
gotta give those youngsters they chance. You gotta give ’em their turn.
You gotta pass for a time. I think it’s selfish if everybody do everything.

>> Carson: Right.

>> But i’m not bein’ negative to — like i said I never met jay-Z. I
think jay-z’s a good, influential rapper.

>> Carson: Right.

>> I think it’d be good one day if a lot of guys can get together and
do somethin’ big.

>> Carson: Did you take a side on, like, the nas/jay-z thing that’s
goin’ on now?

>> No, i don’t take a side on that because, you know, I think that nas
said some incredible things that made sense. Jay-z hit him below the belt
a little bit.

>> Carson: Right.

>> I think nobody do dis records like we do dis records.

[ Laughter ] so we gonna —

>> carson: I ain’t gonna argue with ya, suge. We as consumers read so
much about this east coast/west coast rivalry, which you said, whether
it was in this show or the last one, that they exist more on wax than the
reality of people might be scared of. And you just mentioned about everybody
coming together.

>> Right.

>> Carson: Are you gonna reach out a hand and bring jay-z, puffy, yourself,
master “p,” dmx, eminem, all the families together for somethin’?

>> You know the thing is, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. The thing
is, I don’t believe in looking like an idiot. And I think if you let a
person tell you anything, they say your an idiot.

>> Carson: Right.

>> If a person says, “we really want to make a difference. We really
want to do something for the kids, give back to the penitentiary, give
back to the streets.

>> Carson: If somebody came to you and said that to you, you’d be in?

>> If they came to me, i would be in. But you know, the thing is about,
first of all, i think they gotta get some confidence.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Understand that, “hey, I’m just a man.” They can be a man.

>> Csoson: Right.

>> We can sit down, we can talk. We do some great things, because at
a certain point in your life, you gotta try to do things to help others.
You can’t just be selfish and be, “me, me, me.” For, like, a lot of people
say i’m sayin’ certain things about — like it’s negative, I’m not bein’
negative. I wish it could be a situation that the entrepreneurs in this
business that can go have a real sit down.

>> Carson: Right.

>> A real situation that could grow. And if you look at —

[ inaudible ] you know, I gotta give it up to brothers — you don’t
see them, and they have a meetin’.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And they’ll have a meetin’ with you, you don’t call your — daughter
in there and say, “say that rap that you used to say. Do that dance you
do in the video.” They respect ’em as businessmen. I think it’s time for
them to respect everyone as a businessman. It’s really important for the
future of our kids to grow.

>> Carson: But does it start with you? And maybe in the eyes of them,
it might start with you. Do you respect puffy as a businessman?

>> I would love to have the opportunity to respect a lot of these guys
in the business, but they’re not businessmen.

[ Light laughter ] but —

>> carson: So after 9/11 if you would’ve gotten a call, and it was,
“this is serious, suge, we all want to bring this together and do something
positive.” Let’s say for the kids or the community, and it came from jay,
or it came from puffy. Would you have done that meeting?

>> I don’t care who it is. It can be anybody. If they call and say,
“i wanna do somethin’ positive for the kids.” I anant, one thing i don’t
dofor publy,ut i’ll go in person to give out toys for the kids. Personally
do what i can for the kids.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Personally do what I can for the kids. It can be anof those guys.
If they turn around — first, they gotta the straining off, constraining,
however you say it. I ain’t used to this snitch stuff. They gotta get the
constraining — I’m about to laugh. They gotta stop goin’ to the authorities.

>> Carson: Right.

[ Light laughter ]

>> and my P.O., Puttin’ restrainin’ orders against me.

>> Carson: Why do they always do that?

>> I don’t understand it.

>> Carson: Even now?

>> Even now. I just got out. And you know —

>> carson:Nd they stl t ordegast you?

>> Thetrainin’ ordernst me. Scared of you, right?

>> I don’t understand. I said, “well, you know what” —

>> carson: Well, do they have any reason to be scared of you?

>> They not a battered wife. Ey not a battered baby’s mama. You know,
I don’t get down like that, so why am I gettin’ a ‘strainin’ order against

>> Carson: But suge, i’m sittin’ here with you. We’ve had an incredible

>> That’s my whole point.

>> Carson: I’m not scared of you.

>> You shouldn’t be.

>> Carson: Why are they still scared of you? Should they be?

>> They shouldn’t be. I think a lot of times people, well, you know
tput the finger on things, but there’s certain things you do mightakake
you a little paranoid.

>> Carson: Right. Are you paranoid?

>> No, never. You don’t see me in new york with 50, 100 guys. I got,
you know, we go out, and I’m here, an i’ll have a good time.

Carson: But do you still today, after everything we’ve talked about,
do you still get nervous that somebody wants to kill you?

>> I never got nervous. One of the things, you gotta realize one thing.
One, if you have god in your life, you know your enemies and you know yourself.
What you got to worry about? I don’t have no enemies anymore.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: And we got about a minute left. If snoop was watchin’ right
now — are you guys cool? Even now? Can we get beyond, or —

>> actually, i don’t have a problem with him. I mean, actually the only
time i think about these guys is if somebody else brings them up.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You know, i’m so busy havin’ fun, bein’ in the studio with my new
acts. Playin’ with kids or bein’ on my yacht, enjoyin’ myself. Not one
time i go and say, “what they doin, or what they thinkin’ about?” The only
time they come across myinind is when they do interview, and they interview
is about me.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Promote yourself.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You don’t have to promote death row or suge knight or, you know,
gotta do a show in a crowd is not into it, you go, “give it up for tupac.”
You know, tupac wasn’t cool. Or biggie, or whatever. Be into what you doin’.
I think it’s a real lesson, that we really can grow as a people.

>> Carson: Right.

>> It’s not about, people gotta realize, it’s not black and white and
their skin’s pretty. It’s young, it’s old.

>> Carson: Rig..

>> I might step on a lot of toes, butou know, the old heads don’t really
want it to grow nowhere.

>> Carson: Right.

>> They want it to always be young and dumb, so they can take advantage.

>> Carson: Right.

>> But we so busy fightin’ among ourselves and doin’ records for this
and each other at the same time, idiots, you’re not your masters, you’re
not the real money for your records.

>> Carson: Are your new artists on tha row gonna write records that
are dissing other artists?

>> You know, my guys on tha row is so incredible. They entertain. Now,
someone writes a dis song about them —

>> carson: They’ll retaliate.

>> They gonna ‘taliate and shut ’em down.

>> Carson: Right.

>> Because they’ve got real talent. These guys really from the ghetto.
Crooked I got a song out that he’s sold down in the hood, with cisqo on
there singin’. He parks a five in his driveway and pedals a bike. Well,
if that’s not ghetto, what is?

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: Suge knight, you’ve been more than cordial, and it’s been
a pleasure talkin’ with you. And I appreciate you bein’ on the show. Good
night, everybody.

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