Suge Knight And Carson Daly Interview Thursday

Well the interview on Thursday night with and Carson Daly was fantastic… So good in fact, Carson is going to have Suge on again on Monday. Of the many things Suge touched on was his relationship with 2pac Shakur. Knight talked about the loss saying, “It’s always the worst thing in the world to lose somebody that you care about, that you really care about. But if i could lose somebody i care about, I would rather be the person that talked to him, understand him, comfort him. Me and ‘Pac relationship wasn’t fake. It wasn’t a relationship where a rapper comes, and say Tupac’s name to get attention or to get applause. It was a situation where — separate from the music, I would rather have ‘Pac here not being involved in music or rapping than have him selling records after records after records, then him not being here.”

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