Suge Knight Calls Snoop Dogg A ‘Coward’

Rush & Molloy of the New York Daily News caught up with to get his take on last week’s controversy at the BET Awards where he and almost came to blows. Suge explained, “It’s paranoia. I was by myself. You don’t see any of these guys rolling like me [alone]. Snoop had two rows of people — 20 guys afraid of one guy. He’s supposed to be a tough, street, gangster type and he’s acting like a coward. Snoop was ducking down in his seat like he was about to melt.”

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One thought on “Suge Knight Calls Snoop Dogg A ‘Coward’

  1. Tyler says:

    Snoop reminds me of a wigger I know. Barks real loud around his homies but by himself he’s nothing more than an oversized pussycat.

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