Suge Knight Calls Tupac/Nas Track ‘Disrespectful’

Contributed by Mya714: reports that is working on a book. Suge Knight also said that some MCs should educate themselves on Shakur’s history before thinking about using his music. He praised Jay-Z for sampling Tupac’s “Me and My Girlfriend,” was disappointed by ’ participation in last year’s “Thugz Mansion” and had disdain for Daz because he gave out some unreleased Pac vocals to be used on the street smash “The Realest Killas” with 50 cent. Speaking on Nas’ collaboration with Tupac on the song Suge says, “I think it’s real disrespectful to Pac.” “You gotta put a price on fame; it can’t be to the point where you’ll do anything for a hit. Be a man and have respect. If you can’t respect nobody else, respect yourself. Don’t go (do a song) knowing a certain individual didn’t care for you. I could see Jay-Z doing what he did more than Nas on the same song with Pac, because Nas and Pac is from two different worlds.” Read more.

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