Suge Knight On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Tha Row Records CEO made his first public appearance since being released from a Los Angeles jail on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night (March 10th). Knight was joined on the show by his protege, Crooked I. Read on for a transcript.

Jimmy: For obvious reasons, I have nothing to stupid to say about our
next guest. This is his first interview since his release from prison,
for a crime he certainly didn’t commit, two weeks ago. The ceo of prime
records, suge knight, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Laughter ]

>> All right. Hey. What’s up?

Jimmy: There he is. In the flesh.

>> Bam.

Jeff: It was for a gag.

>> All right.

Jimmy: What’s happening, suge? What do you have there? Cuban cigar.

Jimmy: That’s illegal.

[ Bleep ].

>> I’m on parole so the thing is you can have 100 cuban cigars if you
travel. So, you can bring 100 back. I fly [ Bleep ] Cigars back.

Jimmy: Wait a minute. You can’t bring any back, though. Can you? Jeff
knows, he went to cuba.

>> They lying to you. You can bring 100 back.

Jeff: You can do whatever the hell you want.

Jimmy: Suge —

Jeff: No disrespect, before. I don’t follow sports. I don’t know what
team you’re on or anything. But you seem like a great guy.

[ Laughter ]

>> Thing about all this, right, it’s real simple. You know, man, I love
your show.

Jimmy: Thank you. Thank god.

>> First out of jail, come and check you out. Right?

Jimmy: Right.

>> Why the bullet-proof vest.

Jimmy: That’s in style. All the talk show hosts are wearing it.

>> The new thing, right?

Jimmy: Yeah.

>> See, technology is so high. So, if you shoot somebody, you go to
jail forever. You don’t want to go to jail forever. They have a new thing
out. They have this stuff they called — they get blood from somebody with
aids and they shoot you with it.

Jimmy: Oh. That’s bad.

>> That’s a slow death.

Jimmy: Yeah.

>> The easy e thing. You know what I mean?

Jeff: Way to lighten the mood.

Jimmy: Wow. Suge’s terror alert level just went from elevated to high.

[ Applause ] Are you worried about the terrorists at all, suge?

>> Well, you know, I support the united states. One thing people try
to say is I think most people try to get the way out stuff about african-americans,

Jimmy: Right.

>> I’m on african-american. You can call me black, you can call me [
Bleep ] But the [ Bleep ] Have to work with me. The thing about it is,
africa don’t like us. If you from kenya, they call them kenyans.

Jimmy: Right.

>> I’m from the united states. I have to support the united states.
I’m not trying to have 40 million acres, I’m trying to join life and take
care of my kids.

Jimmy: But what about when it’s the united states against suge knight?

[ Laughter ] The state of california — then, are you feelings so good
about the united states?

>> At the same time.

Jimmy: What did you get locked up for the last time? They said you were
associating with gang members?

>> One thing I do support, the ghetto. I support the bathos.

Jimmy: I do, too.

[ Applause ]

>> In new york, they call them latinos. Essays. The homeys.

Jeff: In jersey, we call them the help.

[ Laughter and applause ]

>> Okay. But the thing about it, right —

[ Laughter ]

>> Poor jeff. Your days are numbered.

Jeff: I’m not afraid of this guy.

>> It’s not him.

>> Even the president of the united states and the politicians said
we should give more jobs to communities so they can stop the crimes.

Jimmy: Right.

>> I should and will hire and have rappers for the inner cities.

Jimmy: Right.

>> So, the thing about it is, every person in the cities is somehow
related to somebody took $200,000 to buy christmas gifts. When I was in
county jail, I also went to the hole. It helped me out. The program. And
over and over again.

>> What they told me was you don’t allow people to drink in the audience
in this show.

Jimmy: It’s not me. But the first night, somebody vomited in the audience.

>> I found a strange thing.

Jimmy: That’s what?

>> A guy came in the dressing room back there. I want you guys to know.
I don’t arar makeup, no powder, no nothing. Death row uncut. When I hit
the road, they put me in jail.

Jimmy: It is back to death row.

>> There was a guy that work here that told me that he went in the restroom
and a guy told him — I thought you guys had, you know, metal detectors.
Said a guy put a .357 on him and either he was going to give him [ Bleep
] Or — he came in my dressing room. He said is there anything to drink
in here? He said he went in a restroom and a guy was going blow his head
off if he didn’t

[ Bleep ] I asked, what did you do? He turned around and told me I didn’t
hear no gunshots.

Jimmy: Now, the day you got out of prison —

[ Laughter ] The day you got out of jail —

[ Laughter ]

>> That’s cool.

Jimmy: — Mr. Rogers passed away. Did you have anything to do with that?

[ Laughter and applause ] We’ll come right back. We’ll get to the bottom
of this. Suge knight, john leguizamo and jeffrey ross.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Jimmy: We are here with suge knight, john leguizamo, jeff ross and crooked
eye is doing the announceing.

>> Y’all better love crooked eye. Or there’s going to be a problem right

[ Applause ]

Jimmy: We had snoop dogg on the show. I know you guys have some bad
blood between you.

>> I gave snoop dogg his name. When i met him, his name was snooper-dooper.
When he first came to me, he was snooper-dooper. But at the same time,
he was signed to another label. I think everybody should support him. It’s
not about the negativity. Somebody has to go dow and support him. Besides
the fact that, you know, I do like making money. And i do still get $1
off each record. If you buy 500,000 records, that’s $500,000 for me. So,
[ Bleep ] Snoop dog

[ Cheers and applause ] At the same time, just like with you, it’s time
for all talk hosts to get off the air and it’s time for you. Give it up
for you. But at the same time —

Jimmy: I don’t want to drive a rift.

>> I have love for him, really.

Jimmy: Is that true?

>> One thing about suge, i tell the truth.

Jimmy: That’s not what they say.

>> I have love for him. Now, but the new west coast is crooked eye.

Jimmy: I like crooked eye, too. He’s all right. I think we should all
start getting along. It seems like the right idea, right? Especially in
this time of war. Don’t you think it’s nonsense, the infighting that goes
on. You guys make enough money.

>> Overall, i do support the president. They chose to fight. Let’s fight.
Overall, my thing is this — I’m really from the ghetto. I’m really from

Jimmy: Same here.

[ Laughter ]

>> So, i do support — you know, i do support the inner cities. I think
it’s time for us to really slow down on the activities because it really
bothers me when i see innocent kids get killed. I think it’s time that
they should get back to the inner cities and let these guys have jobs.

Jimmy: You can do something to slow that down.

>> They try to talk about —

Jimmy: Your beard is very shiny. What do you do to that? It really looks

>> I think i owe that to my mother.

Jimmy: Your mom had a beard?

[ Laughter ]

>> We ain’t going to play that now. Hey, i love — i tear it up about
Maxine. She had a great head of hair. One thing about it — you like my
beard because most guys have makeup. I’m just natural.

Jimmy: Me, too.

Jeff: Women love beards. You’re a good-looking guy. Looks like you went
down on it and came back with it.

>> One thing about — hey! One thing about us — hey, we don’t kiss

Jimmy: No. He does have a point. He doesn’t kiss men. Did you see that
videotape earlier?

>> Blood pressure i couldn’t believe it. One thing about it, is I’m
i have to fight hard because i don’t indulges in gay activities.

Jimmy: Look at that right there. You’re right, suge. You’re right. You
went to unlv. I grew up in las vegas. There’s a guy — you see this guy,
cook E.Jorr? He’s going to be in the lounge. We’ll be right back with a
true las vegas legend.

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