Suge Knight’s Feels There’s No Forgiving Eminem

Contributed by murderincfan:

Death Row Records CEO tells The Source magazine regarding the lyrical comments on black women during his teenage years: “First off, I am definitely supporting The Source on this, because they have been representing for Hip-Hop since day one. I not only fault Eminem but the people around him, who knew about this all along—including Dr. Dre. I don’t support anyone who [says they are] down with Hip-Hop and is trying to defend this racist muthafu**a. I’ve watched beefs go on in Hip-Hop where guys are ready to go to war with each other and hold grudges for years, but this is way worse and some people are ready to dismiss it. My mother is Black, my sister and my two daughters, so when he talks about Black women, there is no forgiving him.”

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2 thoughts on “Suge Knight’s Feels There’s No Forgiving Eminem

  1. noob says:

    Suge Knight is a noob…

  2. Draztik Measurez says:

    Suge Knight defending black women? This motherfu**er participated in various physical assaults on his black female staff during his Death Row heyday and now hes coming out with THIS SH**??? if it was anyone else, I wouldn’t have even commented. But he OF ALL PEOPLE is in no position to make that kinda statement.

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