Suge Says 95% Of Rappers Are Gay & Don’t Know It

was on the Howard Stern show Wednesday morning and the rap mogul talked about Death Row, some of his rap rivals, the J.Lo sex tape, and what’s up with his own sex life. Suge said he’s seen the Jennifer Lopez sex tape and that it makes the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tape look like Rated PG material. Suge also claimed that 95% of rappers are gay but don’t know it. As for his own sex life, Suge was pretty silent. He basically denied ever having any women brought in for congigal visits during his prison term and he wouldn’t say if he’d every banged anyone famous. The stonewalling brought a sista’ to call in and accuse Suge of being a ‘fudge packer’. Suge did enjoy talking about food though on the broadcast, saying a burger was the first thing he went and got out of prison.

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