Suge Warns J.Lo Don’t Call Me A Liar About Sex Tape

was a guest on Greta van Susteren’s ‘On The Record’ show in a two part interview this week. In the first part, Suge talks about the rumored Jennifer Lopez video that he has, what he did for Mother’s Day, his planned book, and if he changed much in prison. Read on for a transcript.

Greta: What’s the story on the J-Lo video. Is there a video,
what is the video of? Are you producing it? What’s the story?

Suge: I’m not producing it. You know, one of the things about Suge Knight
that you don’t understand — well, you probably understand. A lot of people
don’t understand. I have the utmost respect for women. And I like the fact
that J-Lo has a career and she’s also had a lot of sponsors and movies
and stuff, and any type of video that would threaten her sponsors, to me
is unfair to put out.

Greta: Do you have a video of her? Is there some video out there? I’ve
read two different things, that you do and you don’t. Do you have a video?

Suge: Put it like this. I wish her the best just as long as she don’t
ever get on tv or run an ad and call me a liar, it’s not a video.

Greta: Is that a threat?

Suge: No. It’s not a threat sweetheart. I’m on parole. What you trying
to do, send me back already?

Greta: You know what I mean.

Suge: What i’m saying is this. Whatever she’s done, she’s done. You
know, and I wish her the best. I just don’t like the fact that if somebody
— if somebody know a video exists or anything — pictures exist, don’t
go and say, well suge knight is a look, it’s not true, because to me your
word is everything.

Greta: You’re writing a book or at least you want to write a book?

Suge: Yeah, I’m doing a book. At first I wasn’t too excited about doing
a book because when I was in prison, people were asking me all the time
what about a book, what about a book and my idea of a book usually is a
person usually does a book is usually on their way out or they don’t have
a place to stay so they call somebody and say, you know, my career is over,
let me get a book deal and that’s cements the case with me but I lt it’s
time to write a book because there’s been so many books written not only
about me but about my company, about my friends and people who used to
be on Death Row, I think it’s time to set the record straight and tell
the real truth about it, and you know, one thing about me, it can be a
tell-alL. I don’t hold any punches, don’t have anything to hide. A lot
of people are afraid to say certain things. To me, I say what I feel and
say the truth.

Greta: Mother’s day this year. Big party, didn’t you?

Suge: I had a very, very big party for Mother’s Day. Was at the Beverly
Hills Hotel. Was great to see all the kids have a shilen their face. —
Smile on their face.

Greta: Who did you invite?

Suge: All the single mothers and their kids and we had performances.
We also had a surprise guest for the kids which was Jaru, which I thought
was great for him to come there and take pictures and sign autographs.
It’s very important on Mother’s Day that the single mothers know that they’re
loved. Not only is it great for the mothers but it’s great for the kids
because a lot of mothers who are single parents, a lot of kids might look
like the father is not there to do anything for them so the mother is going
to be in a bad mood. The idea I had for years and years and years was that
have them in a real nice hotel, give them a real nice meal, give them roses,
give them gifts and let them know that we do appreciate the mothers out
there and we love the mothers and that because you’re a single mother,
that don’t make you better or worse as a mother who has a husband but I
also did something on father’s day, for not all the prisons but the prisons
in the state of california where the majority of the guys have life or
10 years or more who haven’t seen their kids in 10 years or 15 years because
they can’t afford to go down to see them, I got bu and fed them and got
them to go see their father for father’s day. It’s really about the kids.
I mean, it’s good to take care of the guys in the institution but it’s
more about the kids, because that father can give that son some advice.
He can say, look, get your life together. Either play sports, be an entrepreneur,
good grades, be a doctor, lawyer, do whatever you want to do but don’t
wind up in prison, because it’s not the place to go, and same thing for
a daughter. He can tell her to make the right decisions, the right guy
to choose to be witH. Not just a guy who is going to be a knuckle head
who winds up in prisoN. Prison is not a place for any man with any sense,
even though I did ive years. The time I did five years, that wasn’t good
for my family. It wasn’t good for me.

Greta: Did you change in prison?

Suge: I got wiser. You know, I didn go to prison and get religious.
I didn’t turn Muslim or Christian because I didn’t go to prison for a shady
thing. The one thing I knew was that my body was in prison but I knew my
mind and my heart was free. And when a person dies, they have a wake and
people come by and they vute body at the wake, and you see women come by
and say, oh, I liked him because he bought me a Mercedes, I liked him because
he bought me cars and jewelry.

One or two women say take me with him, he’s not with me anymore. There
might be the guy who paid for meals and then a few guys will say, well
life would never be the same with him not here. It’s too late. Either you
go to heaven or go to hell. For me, prison done that for me. Prison was
my opportunity to go there, to see who really cared aboumeme, who I really
care about, what my goals are, what my goals I want to be.

Greta: All right. Suge Knight, always nice to have a chance to talk
to you. And look forward to reading your fell-all — tell-all book when
you have it written.

Suge: You’ll definitely be in my book.

Greta: I look forward to being in your book. Thank you, Suge Knight

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