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New York, New York- Grammy award winning producer, Rockwilder, is set to take his talents to the online world. His newly formed website will serve as an outlet for up and coming artists to receive production advice and assistance from one of the best in the game. Along with countless numbers of chart topping hits and his production contributing to the sales of millions of records, Rockwilder also carries the title of Grammy Award Winner. The whole idea of the site is to provide new artists and indie labels the opportunity to get production from a professional and creditable source at affordable prices. By creating an easily accessible way for new artist to get production from someone who has worked with the biggest names in music, Rockwilder has ventured into uncharted territory and as he says “it’s time to give back.” will serve as a full-featured access point for artist to not only receive advice and top quality production, but also a chance to earn money for their talents. The website will provide artist with such benefits as free membership, original beats for sale, beat auctions, $1000 monthly giveaways, a $15,000 annual giveaway, and the grand prize of a $1,000,000 production deal. With so much to offer it’s hard to see why anyone in the music business would pass it up. With a pre-website launch scheduled for December 12, 2005 and the official website launch happening March 2006, it gives aspiring artist just enough time to gather their best material and add some high quality production to it. The official launch party will be announced on the site and will be held in New York City with the guarantee of plenty of celebrities and music business heads in attendance.

With Rockwilder receiving thousands of unprofessional demo tapes a month he gives the reason for creating the site. “It has come to the point where every demo that I receive has terrible music production. I have made millions of dollars in the music business and this is my way of giving back. I mean the same kind of beats that I would sell for $50,000 or $100,000; I now sell for as little as $50 or $100 on my website. I made my money, now I’m going to help artist get the hottest music at” To set up interviews with Rockwilder send request to Allen Brown at

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