Swollen Members Catch Another Break With Furtado

will get another lift in addition to their darkhorse win last year at the Juno Awards, this time coming from Nelly Furtado, who will feature the rappers in her new video, “Sh** On The Radio.” As for the duo themselves, their “Bad Dreams” album drops November 13. For a track listing, read on.

[01] Intro

[02] Killing spree

[03] Full contact (f/ Evidence & Chali 2na)

[04] Take it back (f/ DJ Revolution)

[05] RPM (f/ Iriscience & DJ Babu)

[06] Bad dreams

[07] Camouflage (f/ DJ Revolution)

[08] Poker face (f/ Buc Fifty)

[09] Deep end

[10] Antrax Island

[11] Snake bite (f/ Rattlesnake Jones)

[12] Total package (f/ Planet Asia)

[13] The reflection

[14] Ventilate (f/ DJ Babu)

[15] Burns and scars (f/ Son Doobie)

[16] Dark riders (f/ Buc Fifty)

[17] Fuel injected (f/ Moka Only)

[18] High road

[19] Take it back (Joey Chavez remix)

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