Swollen Members Look To Boost Their Online Presence

Prevail of checked in with fans on the Vancouver hip hop group’s blog at MySpace (@swollenmembers) on Thursday (January 8). Prevail tells readers:

Happy New Years Yo!! We are back in the Battleaxe Fortress recording the last part of Beautiful Death Machine. Rob, Mad, our boy Tre Nyce from Koruption Camp, and yours truly, rocked a sick song last night. The finishing touches will get added tonight. I just joined Twitter. You can find me under “@cannonballcrush”. I only have two followers so far, I am hoping to get my rep up! My resolution is to stay dedicated to new blogs and twitters and I am even thinking of signing up for Facebook, but one thing at a time. Since we work in the studio daily, I will be internet savvy from the hours of 11-3 everyday and after the three o’clock hour, I’m all music. We had a big meeting last night and we are about to start killing our on line presence! I know we have come and gone with it but we truly realize the importance of it and the ability it gives us to connect with you guys. This year is all about B.D.M. and the Swollen Army growing into an undeniable force. We have always appreciated your support but we don’t feel we have been as on top of our sh** as we could be, the time has come and you deserve it, you guys are the best fans in music. Family and friends, bring on the next twelve months, we are ready! Swollen for life!

P Wonder

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