T.I. Pitches ‘Trouble Man’ To MTV And BET

T.I. at MTV offices

is featured in a series of webisodes called ‘Countdown to T.I.’, with the first following the rapper as he does promo for his new album ‘Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head’. Tip is seen doing a full day of promo in New York City with stops at Atlantic Records, then BET and MTV, where T.I. plays back and discusses his new album for the staff.

“This album I’m going for vintage T.I. sound, ‘Trap Musik’ and street sh**,” T.I. explained, “with the diverse mainstream commercial records say a la ‘Paper Trail’. We are looking to find as many ways to align ourselves with you. We are open to collaborating with worthy collaborators, financiers.”

T.I. at BET officesIntroducing a track, T.I. explained, “This is called ‘Sorry’ and it features Andre 3000. Probably one of the most sophisticated, introspective jewels on the album. The best Andre 3000 verse outside of an Outkast album, ever. Ever, ever.”

As for his strategy releasing material, Tip advised, “The hit comes when you have the perfect marriage between jammin’ ass music and timing. Timing has a lot to do with everything, like if you release a certain record when it’s not time to, it won’t receive, it won’t be embraced as it should be. I just wish I could drop everything all at once and y’all pick it, tell me what to do.”

Watch the webisode via YouTube below.

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