G-Unit ‘I’ll Be The Shooter’ Rick Ross Diss

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo of G-Unit have teamed up for the Rick Ross diss track ‘I’ll Be The Shooter’. “Your shady background/You’re probably with the cops/You ain’t street, you need to stop,” Banks raps. Listen to the track via YouTube below.

Rick Ross Releases ‘G-Unit 30 Minute Workout’ Cartoon

The most recent volley in Rick Ross and 50 Cent’s beef features Fiddy working out with fellow G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo at the gym, hopping on top of each other to help 50 lift some weights before they head to the shower. There, 50 is shown hung like a pimple before the trio engage in a three way. The video prompted Yayo to tell audiotheft, “Yea, that was some homo sh** right there. Why the hell would he put that garbage out.” Watch ‘G-Unit 30 Minute Workout’ below.

50 Cent Discusses ‘I Get It In’ And ‘Crack A Bottle’

50 Cent MTVFootage of 50 Cent talking about ‘I Get It In’ and ‘Crack A Bottle’ on MTV has been posted at the rapper’s YouTube channel. The ‘Crack A Bottle’ track, which is playing in the background, features Eminem and Dr Dre and became the #1 song on iTunes. “I’m in the mixing process. I’m gonna be finishing up this actual album,” 50 says of ‘Before I Self Destruct’ in the clip. Watch it below.

Cartoon Mocks How Rick Ross Got Signed To Def Jam

Another Saturday Cartoon talking about how Rick Ross got signed to Def Jam has been posted at 50 Cent’s YouTube channel. The clip features 50 Cent, Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, and Jay-Z. Watch it via YouTube below.

Maino Entertained By 50 Cent & Rick Ross Beef

Maino talked with ThisIs50.com about the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross. “I love it, it’s funny,” Maino said. “It’s very entertaining and I’m watching it…. This is what it is, everybody’s accountable for what they say and if you say something to another dude, better be sure that somebody else is gonna say something to counter that.” Maino added that Ross should own up if he used to be a corrections officer. “It is what it is,” he said. “What’s the sense of lying about it?” Watch the video below.

50 Cent Targets Rick Ross With ‘Officer Ricky’ Diss & Cartoon

Thisis50.com’s Saturday Cartoons presents ‘Locked Up’ with Officer Ricky, featuring 50 Cent behind bars pleading with Rick Ross to get him out of jail. “You think you lost your shoe deal because of me,” 50 asks in the animated clip. “It’s because you a cop Rick. Nobody likes the fu**in cops Rick. It’s not my fault.” The video follows 50’s response to Ross with the diss track ‘Officer Ricky Go Ahead Try Me’, a response to the Miami MC’s ‘Mafia Music’ attack on 50 and the mother of his child. Watch the video and listen to ‘Officer Ricky’ below.


50 Cent, Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Arriving In Turkey

50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo were videotaped arriving in Turkey, where the G-Unit trio were performing on the Turkish equivalent of ‘Deal Or No Deal’, ‘Varmisin Yokmusun’. 50 Cent was also the contestant on the show, playing for charity. Watch the arrival footage below and clips from his game show appearance, featuring a performance of ‘In Da Club’, at YouTube.

50 Cent Requests Alexandra Burke For A Duet

News of the World reports fresh off of winning ‘The X Factor’, Alexandra Burke has received a request from 50 Cent to record a duet. “She’s had loads of offers but 50 Cent is a huge name,” a source told the British tabloid. “This could instantly crack the US market for her. Leona Lewis has done it, but not nearly as fast.”

50 Cent: I’d Have Made Soulja Boy Into Lil Romeo

Buckshot called into Sirius Satellite’s Shade 45 to speak with 50 Cent, speaking out about how the G-Unit mainman is doing it right running his own label. 50 then discussed Soulja Boy’s efforts to sell a million records in a week, and how he claimed 50 said he would have signed Soulja Boy if he hadn’t already been with Collipark. “I’m like look, I like Soulja Boy. I like the idea of someone 16-years-old making hit records,” 50 said. “I think he’s going in the wrong direction though, cause I wouldn’t allow him to curse at all. I’d have took Soulja Boy and made this Nickelodeon play. I’d have turned him into Lil Romeo.” When Buckshot mentioned Bow Wow, 50 continued, “Look how long Bow Wow had that run.” Listen to the interview below.

50 Cent Says New Album Is Darker, Authentic

50 Cent

50 Cent spoke with Rolling Stone about the G-Unit mainman’s new album ‘Before I Self Destruct’, set for release early 2009. 50 says his fourth release is more stripped-down and features fewer guest spots. “It’s darker,” he explained. “It has the essence of [his debut] ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin’. It’s authentic with harsh realities.” Among those who do have guest appearances are Eminem and Dr. Dre.

The full story at rollingstone.com has since been removed/relocated.