50 Cent Doesn’t Know How He Became Em’s Favorite Rapper

AllHipHop.com spoke with Shady Records rapper 50 Cent who was asked about how he became Eminem’s favorite rapper. “I don’t know how I became his favorite rapper,” 50 Cent said. “Hip-hop is visible. If you don’t roll with a click, then you have to. If you going to do it without a camp, you have to do something that stands out. You signed to a major label, you dealing with Mariah Carey, Celine Dion – an you’re 50 Cent. How do you make the focus [on you]? You have to make records like ‘How To Rob…’ You have to make those records to make everybody stop and go ‘Who’s that?’ Everything you go through makes you who you are.”

Hip Hop Weighs In On September 11, 2001

AllHipHop.com has comments from several rappers on the events of September 11, 2001 including Mystic, Scarface, 8 Ball, 50 Cent, Skillz, Russell Simmons’ wife Kimora Lee Simmons, and Skillz. The comments aren’t as politically correct as other’s we’ve seen the last few days. “The United States as a whole has been oppressing people and killing innocent people for a long, long time and these are facts. You can only beat someone down before they stand up and say ‘hell no,'” Mystic said. “What some people are fighting for is much different than anything we know. We don’t understand what it’s like fighting to eat, fighting just to live.”

Money Didn’t Draw 50 Cent To Shady Records

Shaheem Reid of MTV News caught up with 50 Cent after he landed his reported $1 million deal with Eminem’s Shady Records. “There were a lot of people hollering, and then it got really crazy once they found out [Eminem and Dre] were interested,” he said. “[The money] wasn’t really what drew me to the situation. Dr. Dre’s production, the chemistry, there’s different things I can do here. He’s from N.W.A. He knows exactly what I’m doing. When he heard the music, he was like, ‘I know exactly what to do with this to make it work.’ Here it’s, ‘Lets make the best record.’ Creatively, it’s a better space for me.” Read more.

50 Cent Signs With Shady Records

Launch.com reports Queens-based rapper 50 Cent, who was previously signed to the Trackmasters’ Columbia Records-distributed label, has landed a new deal with the Eminem/Dr. Dre label Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment, distributed through Interscope Records.