Afroman Releasing Christmas Parody Album

Afroman will be releasing ‘Jobe Bells’, a twelve-song compilation of holiday hilarity lampooning traditional yuletide classics. Produced by Po Boy and the 2Zigg Zaggs (Afroman’s back-up group), ‘Jobe Bells’ harkens back to the childhood days of school time spoofing on Christmas carols. “I wrote most of it when I was back in high school,” smiles Afroman. “It was a black dude’s version of Christmas in South Central.” Look for songs like ‘Deck My Balls’, ‘Violent Night’, ‘O Chronic Tree’, and ‘The 12 J’s of Christmas’ among others. The album will be released on November 30th. Read more.

Afroman Dissin’ 50 Cent And ‘Wack Rappers’

Afroman is back with a diss track entitled ‘Wack Rappers’, calling out nearly everyone in the game. Afroman claims that 50 Cent resembles Mike Tyson and dont move his mouth when he raps and mocks him.

Croatia Battles Drug Use By Banning Eminem & Afroman

WENN reports Eminem and Afroman have become casualties in Croatian as hard-hitting officials have seized Eminem t-shirts and jailed an 11-year-old boy for wearing one in a tough new stance against the country’s rising drug problems, claiming the hip hop acts promote drug use. Outraged Croatian t-shirt seller Ratimir Nikic fumed, “Just because someone wears an Eminem T-shirt doesn’t mean that they are taking or promoting the use of drugs.”

Afroman Grammy Nod Puzzles BET Music Editor


Steve Jones of USA Today profiled the hip-hop acts nominated in this year’s Grammys and spoke with music editor Tonya Pendleton about some of the nominations she was puzzled by. Tonya said,”I’m gratified with the diversity of the R&B and hip-hop nominations, but I do wonder who could have voted for Afroman” since it “was a novelty record at best.” She seemed to favor OutKast and Jay-Z to get the wins on January 27. Read more.

Top Afroman Search Queries

Afroman was huge in internet searches during the month of November on search engine The term ‘Afroman’ was searched for over 35,000 times, which was more than Nas, D12, and Eve, despite the fact that he’s only got one hit. The one hit was the center of most of the searches, with ‘Because I Got High’ littering the top results.

Amsterdam & Europe Are Afroman’s Country

Kenneth Smith of Slamm San Diego spoke with Afroman about his recent trip to Amsterdam, where he admits he had no idea of his enormous popularity in the city or all of Europe for that matter. Afroman said, “That was my country. I guess over here they don’t play me that much, but over there they hella play me. I am like Michael Jackson-, Spice Girl-big, and I didn’t know that sh**. I got my crowd over here, but in Europe it was like ‘Eyyyyyy!’ I was in Amsterdam man, and they like put up a big picture of me in their shop and brought me the menu out.”

Afroman Explains What Is/Isn’t True In Got High Track


UniverCity spoke with Afroman about his hit tune ‘Because I Got High’ wondering what was and wasn’t autobiographical about the tune. Afroman said, “I didn’t get beat up by the cops. What else didn’t I do? I didn’t go to court. Actually, I don’t pay child support-I always have my kids with me; I just thought that’d be a good verse. Let’s see, work-yeah, that’s true. Work, class, cops … I never slept on the sidewalk. I always had a car or somethin’, but you get it. It’s based on a true story.” Afroman also spoke of legalizing weed.

Judge Forces Teen To Write About Afroman Song

The Union-News reports Judge Nancy Dusek-Gomez of Springfield, Mass. is ordering Matthew Fournier of West Hartford, Conn, a 17-year-old facing drug and alcohol charges to listen to the song ‘Because I Got High’ from Afroman and write a report about it. Matthew was arrested in Massachusetts on November 3 by East Longmeadow police for being in possession of marijuana and alcohol in his car.

Afroman Tours On One Hit

Afroman will attempt to headline on his novelty hit ‘Because I Got High’ with tour stops beginning later this month in Cleveland. Read on for the specific dates and places.

Afroman Takes Credit For Slackening UK Drug Laws

Worldpop reports Afroman is claiming responsibility for the decision to change the penalties for marijuana use in the UK as his song, ‘Because I Got High’ continues to be #1 in the country. Afroman says, “I hope my song has helped to make some kind of history. I want full credit for you guys getting that drug knocked down to a notch. It’s thanks to Afroman you won’t go to jail for smoking weed!”