Rappers Photographed at RMA’s

WireImage.com has a few hundred photos of rappers at last night’s Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas. Included are Afroman, Jay-Z, and Nelly. Check out interview room pictures here and the rest here.

Afroman Says Legalize Dope


The Las Vegas Review Journal has a recap and interviews with artists in attendance at the Radio Music Awards at the Aladdin Theatre last night in Las Vegas, where Afroman told reporters told reports why he thinks marijuana should be legallized, “I never had a dude smoke a joint and beat me up. I have had a dude drink some gin and beat the hell out of me.”

Afroman Wishes There Was A Healthy Way To Get Stoned


Afroman talked to the BBC about the message he means to send out with his #1 single, ‘Because I Got High’. He cautioned, “Enjoy my performance but think logically and do the right thing.” Afroman did say he wished there was a safe high like dope adding, “I wish there was a healthy way to do it where you could eat it or something.”

Afroman Thanks His Kids

Afroman tells the Sun his kids have given him the inspiration needed to get his Because I Got High single #1 in the UK. The rapper admits, “They were telling me I was the best rapper in the world when I didn’t have a job and we were really broke. They had faith in me a long time ago. They’re real supportive and they understand.”

Afroman Doesn’t Smoke Pot Anymore


CNN talked to Afroman, who’s real name is Joseph Foreman, for their 5 questions segment. One of those questions was if he still smoked weed, “It’s in my past, because I have a lot of stuff to focus on now. It was really a pacifier while I was trying to like, make it. When I would get depressed, or between CD sales, wondering what life would be. It was good for me then. Kept me from blowing my brains out. But now I’m where I wanna be. … I’ve got places to go, people to see, shows, so I’m content, and I really don’t need it now, so I don’t smoke it anymore.”

Afroman Jokes About His Success

The New Zealand Herald talked to Afroman about the sudden success he’s found with the funny hit, Because I Got High. Afroman admits, “I keep thinking I’ll wake up in prison and that this is a movie or something.” As for how he can compete with the gansta rap crowd, he says, “You got the gangsters and the pimps telling their stories but what about the regular dude nobody likes? I can rap and not kill anybody.”

Afroman Talks About Gettin’ High


Afroman phoned in to Radio 1 from New Mexico to talk about an embarrassing time when he got high, his tour, an E40 collaboration, and his next single ‘Crazy Rap.’ Audio has since been removed.