Angie Martinez And Dru Hill’s Nokio New Parents

Rapper and Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez gave birth to a nine pound, 21-inch tall baby boy, Niko Ruffin, on June 12 in New York City. The child’s father is Nokio, whose real name is Tamir Ruffin, of Dru Hill. Niko is the couple’s first child.

Angie Martinez Takes Maternity Leave & Celebrates

Contributed by Mya714: reports that in an on-air baby shower, the staff, admirers, and friends of Hot 97’s Angie Martinez wished the expectant mother well as she worked her last day at the station before her maternity leave. Martinez received many expensive gifts that filled the station. Dru Hill’s Nokio, the father of the baby, said that he was ecstatic about the prospect of having another child and being with Angie.

Angie Martinez Is Pregnant – From Her Own Lips

Contributed Anonymously:

Angie Martinez is probably one of the most hardest and determined person in hiphop! She just released her second album “Animal House” this summer, scored big with her single “If I Can Go” that featured Lil’Mo & Sacario, quit the job has an American Idol 2 judge the second day, and now she’s pregnant. Yes, she announced on her radio show on Hot97 in New York that she was indeed 5 months. But she has not said by whom which leaves many fans to speculate. Her friend and label mate Lil’Mo who collaborated with Angie on “If I Can Go” and “No Playaz” had recently gone through the same thing when she delivered her first child as well Heaven L. Stone in August. We wish good luck to Angie Martinez! She can be seen now with her newest single & video “Take You Home/featuring Kelis”.

Jealous Paula Abdul Had Angie Martinez Fired

Star magazine reports the real reason Angie Martinez left ‘American Idol 2’ is because a jealous Paula Abdul had her fired. “Angie made Paula look boring, and Paula obviously couldn’t take the competition,” blabbed an insider, adding, “Paula was furious that Angie was getting better lines and was so well-liked. Paula had been on top of the world and didn’t want to make room for another woman. It’s a real shame Angie is gone.” Paula’s spokesman denied the charge saying, “Not only was Paula saddened by her departure, but Angie’s precense was welcomed by Paula.”

Nas Apologizes To Angie Martinez

MuchMusic caught up with Angie Martinez who revealed that Nas had recently contacted her, and apologized for his behavior following the blow-up at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. “I was disappointed in him for that because we were always cool and if something was bothering him, he should call me,” said Martinez. “But you know what, it’s been a few months and I actually spoke to Nas yesterday. It was the first time we spoke since all that happened and he actually apologized which I was really impressed by ’cause a lot of people especially with the ego involved in hip hop, nobody apologizes to anybody for anything. So I was touched by that.”

Angie Martinez Would Like To Work With Eminem

Soul Train chatted with Angie Martinez who revealed she would like to work with Eminem musically. “As far as other collaborations… Man, I don’t know, I’ve been lucky,” Martinez said. “I’ve worked with everybody from Jay-Z to Missy to Mary J. Blige, so I’ve been really lucky. I’m a huge Eminem fan, if that ever happened that would be incredible.”

Martinez Says Judging Idol Was Breaking Her Heart

Last week, it was announced that Angie Martinez would take the coveted fourth spot around the ‘American Idol’ table. Five work, and now she tells why. Did Simon Cowell push her out? “No. He was like welcome, and, you know, he asked me things about myself,” she said. “He was like oh, do worry, you’ll be fine.” If not that, how could the show’s producers have misjudged their new judge’s ability to go toe to toe with the sinister one? “I’m shocked they missed it,” Martinez admitted.

Angie Martinez On Why She Left ‘American Idol 2’

DJ/Rapper Angiel Martinez offered the following statement to explain her dropping out of the ‘American Idol 2’ judging duties. “After judging the first few auditions, I’ve decided to leave the show because it became too uncomfortable for me to tell someone else to give up on their dream.” Perhaps Simon Cowell provided a nudge for her telling reporters before Monday’s auditions, before she quit, “What’s good about Angie is that she’s subservient. Didn’t you clean our shoes when we were in Detroit?”

Angie Martinez Quits ‘American Idol’

Access Hollywood reports after only five days on the job, ‘American Idol’ has seen its newest judge, hip-hop star and radio DJ Angie Martinez, quit. She reportedly had time commitment issues and also had trouble being honest with the auditioners.

Angie Martinez Can’t Wait To Meet Simon Cowell

Access Hollywood caught up with the newest member of the ‘American Idol 2’ team, Angie Martinez. The rapper/DJ says she’s looking forward to meeting Simon Cowell. “Everybody seems to be really freaked out about Simon. I can’t wait to meet this guy.” As for whether she’d be more like Mr. Nasty or his polar opposite Paula Abdul, Martinez said, “I don’t know if I’m going to be mean or nice. I think I’m going to be just honest. You have to be kind of rough when you are picking one person out of the million who can actually sing. We’re looking for the one — the best one.”