Angie Martinez Never Watched ‘American Idol’

Rapper and New York DJ Angie Martinez spoke with Extra TV about her new role as the fourth judge on Fox’s ‘American Idol’. Angie admits, “I actually never saw American Idol.’ I think they liked that. They thought it would be kind of cool to get a fresh perspective.” Read more here.

Simon Cowell Confirms Angie Martinez Is 4th Judge

‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell confirmed to Extra TV that hip-hop radio hostess and rapper Angie Martinez has signed on as the show’s fourth judge for ‘American Idol 2’. She joins Simon, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson.

Angie Martinez Performs ‘If I Could Go!’ On WB11

She blazes the airwaves as the sexy DJ on New York’s Hot 97. Now Angie Martinez is coming out with her latest album ‘Animal House.’ “My life is definitely Animal House,” she told WB11. Angie insists she’s staying on the radio. Angie then performed her hit ‘If I Could Go!’, which is currently #17 on the Billboard Hot 100. The interview and performance at has since been removed.

Music Is Therapeutic For Angie Martinez

Ramiro Burr of the San Antonio Express-News spoke with Angie Martinez about her rap career, which she says is therapeutic. “That’s the whole point of making music,” said Martinez. “I realized that if something was bothering me, and I could write about it and put it in a song, I could make it go away. That’s when I was like, ‘I love this; I need to do it more.”’

Angie Martinez Responds To Critics

Jesus Trivino of interviewed Angie Martinez about her new album ‘Animal House’ and addressed her critics who say that she can’t rap and should stick to radio. “Whatever,” she sighed. “When I signed the record deal and I decided to do an album I knew that there were going to be people who felt like that. We’ll see what they’ll say after this album. I mean, my first one was my first one and I’d never put an album together. But this album is so dope.” Read more.

Angie Martinez Talks To has a video interview with rapper/Hot 97 DJ Angie Martinez who talked about how she got into the rap game, having help on her sophomore effort, the chances she had to work with other top artists but how this time she wanted to do more of the album on her own, how writing rhymes has been therapeutic for her, and more. has since removed the video.