Angie Martinez Has To Work 10X Harder Promotin’

Sherman Johnson of chatted with rapper/DJ Angie Martinez who says her Hot97 gig doesn’t give her the luxury to get her name out like other rappers. “I have to work ten times as hard to promote my album because I have a full-time responsibility at the radio station,” she said. “Your average artist could do five or six cities a week. I have to grind harder—interviews all morning before I get on the radio, interviews all night when I get off.” Read more.

Angie Martinez Says ‘Animal House’ Is More Aggresive spoke with Angie Martinez about her new album ‘Animal House’, which drops Tuesday (August 20). Last year’s ‘Up Close and Personal’ was a much different album than the new one. “‘Animal House’ is more aggressive,” she said. “My first album, I pretty much did by myself. It was my first album and I had never put an album together. Putting an album together is very different from writing a little rhyme.”

Top Angie Martinez Search Queries For July

Searches for Hot97 DJ and rapper Angie Martinez were impressive last month on pay-per search engine Her popularity was helped by the new track ‘If I Could Go’ feat Lil’ Mo and Sacario. Meanwhle, the most frequent misspelling was Angie Martines.

Angie Martinez Says ‘Never’ Not Aimed At Nas caught up with Hot 97 DJ and rapper Angie Martinez who insists a track on her new album ‘Animal House’, due Tuesday (August 20) is a response to the dis laid down by Nas when he suggested that the radio disc jockey stick to her day job as opposed to “putting out wack records.”

“I have a song called ‘Never’ that some people heard, I guess that were thinking it was for Nas, but it’s not. I did that before that happened. I mean, I like Nas. As an artist, I think he’s incredible. Me and him have always been cool. I mean it was a shock to me that he even came at me like that.”