Adrock: U.S. In Danger With Bush As President

As is common in the Beastie Boys’ history, politics is never far from their agenda. Their current raps openly attack OPEC, the legitimacy of George Bush’s presidency and the Iraq war. Isn’t there a danger of being too political right now in music? “There’s a danger in the U.S. right now with George Bush being president,” Adam Horovitz responded sternly in an interview with Australia’s Beat magazine. “If there’s any danger in being political, then it’s in having him as the president… a lot of people obviously voted for him, and that’s quite scary. There’s scary people all over the world.”

Beastie Boys Were In No Hurry To Release New Album

Mike D of the Beastie Boys tells Billboard only the friendly prodding from Capitol president Andy Slater and the band’s manager, John Silva, kept the band from continuing to tinker with their latest album ‘To the 5 Boroughs’ for months, or even years. “Because of the way we choose to work and because we work in our own studio, we could really go on forever,” he explained. “We have to say, ‘This is the release date we’re going to shoot for’ and work backwards from there. If we didn’t set deadlines for ourselves based on that, we really would just keep going on and on and fixing things and making new songs.” The full story at has since been removed.