Benzino And The Source Are Blatant Haters

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I am so tired of reading about Benzino and all the hate he is funneling through the Source Magazine towards Eminem & 50 Cent. He is blatantly proving himself to be the biggest hater that ever lived. Benzino wasn’t successful as a rapper and he is attacking other successful rappers just to make a name for himself. The Source used to be considered by many as the official hip hop bible. I remember a time when I had been collecting every magazine issue of The Source now, the magazine has reduced itself to the level of tabloids the lowest of all reading material. They constantly try to tear artists down just because of one man and his hatred towards Eminem & 50 Cent. I haven’t bought an issue of the Source magazine since all this negativity started. There’s no point. I just hate how the Source magazine is using their power for hating purposes its said that they have lowered themselves to being labeled liars and haters. 50 Cent & Eminem are both sucessful because they are both determined hardworking men. Benzino is a determined & hardworking as well. However, Eminem & 50 Cent have one thing Benzino doesn’t have and he can’t stand it and that is….TALENT.


Benzino’s Evidence Says Eminem’s A Racist reports Ray Benzino of The Source released a statement last night claiming he has damning evidence against rival Eminem that will seal his fate in Hip-Hop. Allegedly, Benzino has acquired an “original cassette recording of a Detroit basement tape which features a series of raps by Marshall Mathers that contain blatant racist and derogatory statements about Black women and Black people in general.”

Benzino Signing With Murder Inc.

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Ray Benzino has confirmed that he is planning on signing with none other than Murder Inc. Benzino was on hand with Radio host Wendy Williams, discussing Ja Rule’s situation with 50 Cent, and how he [Rule] has gotten the short end of the stick. Zino’ also stated that The Source is releasing an expose’ on “who the real 50 Cent is.” Speaking of The Source magazine, they just signed up with BET to air their annual Source Awards on November 4th.

Benzino Opens South Beach Night Club reports Source Magazine co-owner Ray Benzino has opened a brand new night club called Club ZNO over the weekend in Miami’s South Beach. The Grand Opening kicked off this past Friday and featured an all-star line up which included Ja Rule, Irv Gotti and the entire Murder Inc family. Benzino performed as well as Noreaga.

Ja Rule And Benzino In Australia

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Ja Rule and Benzino are rollin together at the concert over here in Australia, and Ja said fu** Slim and 50 Cent. Also, Benzino hollered out his beef with Eminem.

Eminem Disses The Source Again

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The situation may not be as heated as it was a month or so ago, but the beef continues. After some not so subliminal darts thrown at Benzino on ‘Go To Sleep’ (w/ DMX, Obie Trice), Em has gone after The Source again. The dis comes on ‘Soul Assassins Mixtape Vol. 1,’ from none other than DJ Muggs. The song is called “We All Die Someday” and also features 50 Cent, Obie Trice and Lloyd Banks. The full story at has since been removed.

Ja Rule Spotted With Benzino

The New York Post reports Ja Rule and Benzino were spotted at Nikki Beach Club in Miami after the fire department closed down the opening of Benzino’s club, ZNO.

Selwyn Hinds Weighs In On Benzino Bust Up caught up with The Source magazine’s former editor Selwyn Hinds and asked him about the editorial dispute he had with co-owner, Ray Benzino, that led to him leaving the magazine. Asked if his personal biases are jeopardizing what people like he had done to build up the publication, Hinds said, “I think so. I think whenever, and this doesn’t matter if it was Ray or Dave [Mays], or anybody in a sort of ownership position, anytime whatever your personal sort of agenda gets mixed with whatever the agenda of the institution that you run, especially if someone has the kind of agenda that Ray seems to…you’re talking about an institution like The Source, which is supposed the bible, above the fray, but if people start looking at The Source as one in the same, as indistinguishable with what Benzino represents, then you have a real credibility problem. It makes me sad. I don’t get all upset and up in arms about it, I feel some sadness about the legacy that was built, but I think that legacy will always be there. People will look at what The Source did in the early 90’s into the late 90’s and say, ‘That was hip-hop journalism at its heights.'”

Benzino Doesn’t Redeem Himself

Benzino 'Redemption' album cover

Chuck Campbell of the Knoxville News reviewed Benzino’s new album ‘Redemption’, giving it only 1.5 out of 5 stars. Campbell writes, “As co-owner of The Source magazine, Ray “Benzino” Scott doubtless knows the adage about any publicity being better than no publicity at all. So here’s some bad publicity to help his cause as a rapper: His Eminem-bashing ‘Pull Your Skirt Up,’ a track from his new ‘Redemption’ album, is a desperate play for attention that couldn’t be more lame. Those unfortunate enough to hear the ditty may wince in embarrassment as Benzino bumbles along, spewing insipid lines laid bare by sparse and weak production.”

50 Cent Talks Back To Ja Rule & Benzino

50 Cent is snapping back at Ja Rule despite Ja’s comments to that he wanted peace. Commenting on the alleged order of protection documents recently leaked which seemed to be a ploy to smear 50, he says, “For a person to sit down and say ‘let’s make a copy of this and mail it out to every publication,’ it’s saying that they wanna destroy the credibility of an artist on the streets.”