Hip Hop’s Ultimate Battle: Race & The Politics Of Divide & Conquer

Davey D. writes, “Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of discussion around Hip Hop and Race. The popularity of Eminem has been a catalyst for the impassioned exchanges that have been a long time coming. The most visible debate centers around Benzino and the Source Magazine and their claim that Eminem is a tool for the white power structure [machine]…But this has been a discussion that has surfaced and resurfaced ever since the Beastie Boys hit the scene back in the mid 80s. The discussion of Hip Hop and Race emerged during Hip Hop’s Golden Age/Afrocentric era… when groups like 3rd Bass the Young Black Teenagers hit the scene. The introduction of Vanilla Ice also sparked a lot of discussion around the issue of race in the early 90s. Unfortunately we never fully addressed all the issues and concerns that arose out of those earlier conversations.Now that Eminem is blowing up the spot and Hip Hop is a multi-billion dollar a year business, the discussions around race are in full swing again.” Read more.

Benzino Vs. Eminem: Principle Or Publicity?

Jim Farber of the New York Daily News spoke with Benzino about his ongoing beef with Eminem, which many say is a bid to whip up attention for his new album. “I have a huge deal with Elektra. I’m making good music, I don’t have to do this,” Benzino asserts. “I’m taking him on because I have real issues.” He protested that Eminem “is calling me a girl but he dresses like one in all his videos. He looks like Cindy Brady. Now you tell me, who’s the real bitch?”

Benzino Misguided In Eminem Attack

The National Post weighed in on the ongoing beef between Eminem and Benzino, taking the side of Slim Shady. They write, “First thing’s first: Eminem is no Vanilla Ice. Despite the hue of his skin, Eminem is as authentic a rapper as they come. As has become well-known since the release of his quasi-autobiographical movie, 8 mile, Eminem’s mother was 15 and dependent on welfare — and, the rapper claims, drugs — at the time he was born. He grew up in one of Detroit’s nearly all-black housing projects and dropped out of school after grade nine. As a teenager, he taught himself to rap.”

Benzino Gives His Side To Angie Martinez

Benzino phoned into the Angie Martinez show on Hot 97 to respond to her interview with Eminem. Benzino was sorta upset that Angie seemed to take sides with Eminem, but she says she isn’t taking any sides. Benzino tried the argument that Eminem is a white boy trying to steal hip hop, but Angie told him that Eminem isn’t to blame, he should be going after the industry. Read on for a transcript.

The Source Responds To Eminem Vs. Benzino Beef

The Source magazine’s online Editor-In-Chief Gotti put out an editorial on the ongoing beef between Eminem and Benzino. He writes, “Raymond Scott, aka Benzino, has indeed been a business partner and close friend to The Source co-founder Dave Mays for a long time, and throughout the years, Dave has supported his music. But don’t get it twisted; Benzino and The Source are not interchangeable. The Source has always made it a point to keep Benzino’s music career and the magazine business from interfering with each other. The editorial staff, including the controversial 5-mic committee, has, and always will, operate independently of any outside influences.” He says of Eminem, “Unfortunately, even though he seemed to be down with us in the beginning, it appears that Eminem may be becoming a part of a dangerous, corruptive cycle that promotes the blatant theft of a culture from the community that created it. Willingly or not, he is being used as a tool by the corporate machine to steal hip-hop and make it their own.”

Eminem Unleashes On Benzino With Angie Martinez

Hot97.com has Eminem’s phone interview with Angie Martinez. Angie talks to Eminem about the success with his movie and he comments on his fued with Benzino and how he feels about this rap skills, and shares what motivated him to come back at the aging rapper and half owner of The Source magazine.

Benzino Comments On Eminem Beef & New LP

AllHipHop.com caught up with Benzino to talk about his new album ‘Redemption’ and of course the ongoing fued with Eminem. “It’s just a double standard,” Benzino says in regards to Eminem being able to do things black artists can’t and get played on TV/radio. “To me it’s obvious, I’m not saying 7 million people don’t go out and buy his record, I’m saying make it a even playing field and certain media portrays him to be #1 and say that he’s crossing racial barriers and to me it’s the old okey doke and we keep going for it. As long as we keep saying well ‘it’s not like that, he’s nice.’ It’s not about him being nice ’cause his way of rhyming, if he was a person of color he wouldn’t be taken that serious. I think he came into the game humble but now he starting to believe he’s king of hip-hop.”

Benzino Issues Death Threat To Eminem & His Daughter

Benzino has hit back at Eminem in ‘Die Another Day’ and it definitely raises the bar. The track not only threatens Em but also warns that Hailie could end up like Jon Benet Ramsey… This one is gonna be tough to keep on wax now.

Benzino Responds To Eminem Diss Track

This is supposedly Benzino’s response to Eminem for his recently released response to his own diss track. “Em is soft, always has, always will be. I never had any security in my life, not one. We was in Puerto Rico and his punk ass wouldn’t even come to the hotel. So thats like a little kid or a little spoiled brat that can’t have his way. But at the end of the day, the bottom line is that this kid is sucking out the streets. And remember, when Eminem was birthed, he was birthed thru MTV, and hip hop, and with the way MTV treated hip hop back then, it was like a pimp messing with a chick. So they was prostituting hip hop, and then they had a baby with hip hop, and here comes Eminem.”