Birdman Talks About Lil Wayne’s Gift

Birdman sat down with Fuse to explain what makes Lil Wayne such a mad genius, growing up in New Orleans, helping Weezy when he was young before he evolved to painting his own picture. “It’s amazing that this man don’t ever run out of words and never says the same thing twice,” Baby said. “He’s gifted. It’s just one of his gifts, music. He still amazes me, and I watch him do it all the time. He’s just got that gift.” Watch the comments via YouTube below.

Birdman: Lil Wayne’s Prison Time Was A Left Turn For Cash Money Camp

Birdman 'Priceless'

Birdman admitted to MTV News that Lil Wayne’s recently completed prison stay put a cramp in the Cash Money camp’s plans. “Everybody just working hard, energized about him about to come home,” Baby said. “We worked, but him being gone — that was just a left turn in life. We wasn’t expecting anything like that but we had to deal with it.” Read more.

Birdman Plots “Weezy Weekend” For Lil Wayne’s Prison Release

Birdman 'Priceless'

Bryan “Baby” Williams spoke with MTV News about plans to celebrate the release of Lil Wayne when the Cash Money Records moneymaker gets sprung from prison on November 4th, which may include a show the following day at Madison Square Garden if rumors are true. “We still haven’t really made up our mind,” Birdman told MTV News about a possible party location. “I think what’s important, we want to see family first. If the concert happens, it happens. But right now, we just want to come home and see our family and party, I think. That’s what we gonna do: just come to Miami, and just party for a minute. Work and party and play. Have the whole team out here, and we gonna do it up. Miami is gonna be Weezy world. Weezy weekend.” Read more and watch the comments at

Birdman ‘Loyalty’ Video

Birdman 'Loyalty' ft Lil Wayne music video

Birdman is out with the video to his new single ‘Loyalty’, featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga, off the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper’s fifth solo album ‘Bigger Than Life’, out soon on Cash Money Records. The clip includes cameos from Drake and Mack Maine. Watch it via Vevo below.

Birdman 'Loyalty' cover art

Birdman Shows Off His Millions In Jewels

Birdman 'Priceless'

Birdman was on the tour bus in Maimi with Tim Westwood of Radio 1 with a preview to his new watch, chain, ring and bracelet selection. “I got a new one I just did though. I felt like I worn that, done that. I hate to wear the same thing twice, I never wear them on videos,” Baby said showing Tim a pricey piece of his collection. Watch the interview via Tim’s YouTube channel below the cut. (more…)

DJ Khaled Hangs With Dre And Birdman

Episode 5 on the ‘Road To Victory’ shows DJ Khaled chillin with Dre of Cool & Dre and talking about previous records they’ve done together and the ‘Victory’ album, joining Birdman in the We The Best Studios, and playing a small snippet of the intro off the new record ‘All My Life’ featuring Akon, Mavado and Shyne, Watch it via YouTUbe below.

Birdman ‘4 My Town (Play Ball)’ Video Ft. Lil Wayne & Drake

Birdman 'Priceless'

Birdman is out with the video to his new single ‘4 My Town (Play Ball)’, featuring Lil Wayne and Drake, the fourth release off the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper’s fourth solo album ‘Priceless’, out now on Cash Money. Watch it via Vevo below.

Glasses Malone ‘Sun Come Up’ Video Ft. T-Pain, Rick Ross & Birdman

Glasses Malone

Glasses Malone is out with the video to his new single ‘Sun Come Up’, featuring T-Pain, Rick Ross and Birdman, off the Watts, California rapper’s debut album ‘Beach Cruiser’, out August 18th on Blu Division/Hoo-Bangin’/Cash Money/Universal. Watch it via YouTube below.

Glasses Malone 'Sun Come Up' music video
Glasses Malone 'Sun Come Up' cover art

Birdman On Kissing Lil Wayne: That’s My Son

Birdman and Lil Wayne

Birdman cleared up some controversy regarding pictures on the web of him kissing Lil Wayne on Radio 1 with Westwood during a visit to London, England. “That’s my son, ya heard me?” said Birdman. “If he was right here, I’d kiss him again. I kiss my daughter, my other son… I mean, you have children?” he asked Westwood. “Well, if you did, you’d understand what I meant with it. I just think people took that too far man. That’s my son. I’ll do it again tomorrow, I’ll kill for him. Ride and die for him.” Watch the comments via YouTube below and more of the interview below the fold.