Playboy Tre & B.o.B ‘MUG’ Animated Video

Playboy Tre & B.o.B talks about rappers and how they MUG, none of that smiling, in an animated clip at B.o.B’s MySpace. “We rappers and we mug,” a rap leader drill sergeant instructs in the clip. “I want you to muggin the pastor. I want you muggin the mailman. That’s what rappers do! Be a real rapper, and mug!” Watch it below.

‘The Adventures Of B.o.B’ Video follows B.o.B as the Atlanta rapper goes on his quest to become the number one artist in the world. Check out B.O.B and the crew enjoying some Jose Cuervo in his hotel room before hitting the stage and being out of gas by the time he finished the show. Watch it via MySpace below.

B.o.B TV Episode 3

B.o.B TV Atlanta

B.o.B TV episode three features the Atlanta rapper checking in from the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s “big ass parking lot”. B.o.B. was headed to New York for a photo shoot. He then dropped by Jonesboro High School in Jonesboro, Georgia to perform for the students. Watch the clip via YouTube below.

B.o.B TV Episode 2

B.o.B TV in Columbus

B.o.B takes viewers on his quest to become the number one artist in the world on episode two of his B.o.B TV blog. The clip features B.o.B at the S Line Entertainment studios and shows some footage from his Columbus gig, a visit to the barbershop, an argument with himself in front of a restroom mirror, and no smiling. Watch it via YouTube below.