Bone Crusher Threatens Topless ‘Fat Man Stomp’ In Next Video

The first single from Bone Crusher’s new album, ‘Vanglorious’, is ready to be unleashed any day now, and it’ll introduce the large rapper’s new dance. “‘The Fat Man Stomp’ is gonna take over the world,” he warned MTV News on Monday. The song is named after the jig he does onstage, where he bounces and takes one leg and stomps it to the ground. “You just gotta see it. You know how the Youngbloodz do their stomp? It not like that,” he said. “Youngbloodz do a little skip with theirs. Mine is like an earthquake shattering situation. When the fat boy comes in stomping, the world will stand at attention and understand the buildings are vibrating and shaking. Believe it.” Read more.

The Source Gets Dirty Dirty With Outkast & Down South

First there was funk; then there was crunk. This month, The Source travels to Hip-Hop’s third coast for a dual dose of Southern hospitality from the artists leading this down-home musical revolution.

Welcome to The New South, where hypnotizing hooks collide with thunderous, bass heavy beats. And what better way to usher in the arrival of Hip-Hop’s hottest new sound than with David Banner, Lil Jon and Bone Crusher burning the most infamous symbol of the Old South – the confederate flag. In this month’s first cover story, ‘Native Sons’, the trio speak out on the daily struggles they face south of the Mason-Dixon line and the driving forces behind the burgeoning crunk movement.

Bone Crusher Thinks He’s Big And Sexy

Teen People profiled musicians who are on the heavy side and included Bone Crusher. He says, “I’m a big man and yes, I am very sexy. You know what makes me sexy? My personality, my wits, my demeanor. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or little. If you believe you’re attractive — if you put across [the] aura of sex appeal — people will find you attractive. When I do my thing, people say, ‘When you take your shirt off, you really don’t care!’ It isn’t a situation where I don’t care. I just think that I am sexy, and if I say I’m sexy, [whether] you think I’m sexy or not, people will be like, ‘Maybe’.”

Success Doesn’t Scare Bone Crusher

While Bone Crusher’s single ‘Never Scared’ has its share of gangsta braggadocio, it mostly reflects his supreme self-confidence. “A lot of things I’ve been through got me to this point and it took me being never scared to put that record out like it is,” Bone Crusher tells the Tampa Tribune, referring to ‘AttenCHUN!’, which he recorded and released independently before signing with the Arista-distributed So So Def imprint. “I was dealing with people I shouldn’t have been dealing with at the time. I was holding myself back.”

Arista Reloaded Pictures

Bonecrusher, Da Brat, Jermaine Dupri, L.A. Reid, Outkast, and Usher were on hand for the Arista Reloaded event at the 2003 BMG US Label Presentations on Tuesday (July 29) in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.

Bone Crusher A Man Of Many Voices

Vibe magazine profiled Bone Crusher in their July issue and spoke with the rapper’s mother, who says he seemed destined for show business as a child. “He sued to do imitations of everybody, Bill Cosby, Pee-wee Herman,” she said. “His teacher told me that when she called his name at roll, she never knew whose voice was going to come out.”

Bone Crusher Video Shoot Photos

WireImage has photos of the Bone Crusher remix video shoot featuring Busta Rhymes, Camron, Juelz Santana and Jadakiss at Broadway Warehouse in New York City. Check out the pictures here.

Rappers Make TV Appearances On Tuesday

Rap acts on talk television this week include Bone Crusher on Last Call with Carson Daly, Lil’ Kim on Live with Regis and Kelly, and Mos Def on BET’s 106 and Park. All appear on Tuesday.