Bow Wow ‘Sweat’ Video Ft. Lil Wayne

Bow Wow 'Sweat'

Bow Wow is out with the music video to his new single ‘Sweat’, featuring Lil Wayne. The song is off the Columbus, Ohio rapper’s seventh studio album ‘Underrated’, out soon on Cash Money Records. Watch it via YouTube below.

Rap Artists React To Whitney Houston’s Death

Several rap artists are sharing their thoughts on Twitter following the news that Whitney Houston had been found unresponsive in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday afternoon and declared dead after paramedics were unsuccessful performing CPR on the singing legend. Houston was 48. Among the Tweets:

Jibbs (@therealjibbs): R.i.P Whitney Houston

Lil Jon (@LilJon): RIP WHITNEY HOUSTON (@iamwill) I’m so sad…Whitney Houston was so kind, sweet, wonderful, amazing, talented, and a true gift to the world…#iwillalwaysloveyou

Ghostface Killah (@GhostfaceKillah): Ms. Whitney Houston….Beautiful soul may you Rest Peacefully Sister!

Lady Sovereign (@ladysov): RIP Whitney Houston . x I remember when “it’s not right but it’s ok” came out and me and my friends went to some any singing comp in the ends and sung it and won £5

NickCannon (@NickCannon): “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord” RIP to Whitney Houston a true queen.
Tell our loved ones how much we love them while they’re still here. I wish I could’ve told Whitney how great she was one last time

BowWow (@BowWow): Everytime Ms Whitney saw me she would go “Ruff Ruff Ruff” all the time… She lived right around the corner from me. #TrueLegendrighthereboy

Eve (@TheRealEve): Wow R.I.P Whitney Houston. So sad. My prayers go out to family,friends,fans…

Timbaland (@Timbaland): rip 2 a Legendary Diva, Icon, Mother & Friend Whitney Houston. 1 of the greatest voices ever. u will be truly missed. R.I.P Whitney Houston
weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning Psalm 30:5b. keep the family &her love 1’s n our prayers R.I.P Whitney Houston
after my pastor’s death i learned that sum people endure so much pain on earth & us wishing they remain on earth longer is only hurting them more. so God takes them to heal the agony. Their journey is now complete & as u mourn, crying out the words “I will always love you – Whitney Houston” don’t 4get to smile & say these words “Job well done.”

Lloyd Banks (@Lloydbanks): R.I.P Whitney Houston

Diggy Simmons (@diggy_simmons): RIP to the legendary Whitney Houston.. Voice is unmatched.

TonyYayo (@Tony Yayo): Rip Whitney Houston a legend I always loved her in bodyguard

BabyBash (@BabyBash): WOW, REST IN PEACE WHITNEY HOUSTON! I had the privilege to meet and WRITE for her! Damn! No matter wut she was a TALENT!

Nicki Minaj (@NICKIMINAJ): Jesus Christ, not Whitney Houston. Greatest of all time.

Pittsburgh Slim (@PittsburghSlim): RIP Whitney :(

Missy Elliott (@MissyElliott): This is such a sad moment! I’m speechless I have no words of what I’m feeling right now. Rest in Peace Whitney Houston I love u.

Scarface (@BrotherMob): Whitney?????? Wow!!! I’m done
I’m devastated……Whitney 48????? Wow I’m finished can’t talk…. Loss for words…

Soulja Boy (@souljaboy): R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Spose (@spizzyspose): I remember my mom blasting Whitney In the cavalier as my earliest music memory. Will always love Whitney; what a sad day!
Whitney Houston deserved another shot at glory; what a bummer. Unashamed fan of Whitney Houston. #RIP
I remember my mom blasting Whitney In the cavalier as my earliest music memory. Will always love Whitney; what a sad day!

Drake (@Drake): RIP Whitney Houston.

Bow Wow Not Fazed By His Competition After Watching BET Awards

Bow Wow at Six Flags

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) moments ago, talking about the BET Awards that went down over the weekend and not being impressed with what he saw. The show seems to have inspired the rapper and actor to release some of his own music as he prepares to drop his seventh album ‘Underrated’ later this year on Cash Money. The 24-year-old writes:

Ready to put my single out. I’m tired of looking at these ni**as. After watching the BET awards that’s who I’m competing with? I’m not fazed

I see flaws. Make good music but when it comes to a show they sink! No energy walking across the stage holding your nuts is not performing

Why wasnt Jeezy at the awards? His album bout to drop. Why won’t they let my ni**a @thegame drop RED ALBUM. They don’t want y’all to hear the real

Being brainwashed by bullsh**! They playing what they want y’all to hear. There’s only 5 rappers you hear on radio out of the 20 something in the game

Tell me that don’t seem fishy…. I’m bout to eat my Eggos on deez ni**as I’m done haha

Bow Wow Gets Grief From Mom After Accidental Text Message

Bow Wow

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) moments ago, revealing that he got in some hot water with his mother Teresa Caldwell after mistakenly sending her a text message using an F-bomb meant for a friend. Though the rapper and actor’s Tweets complaining about having to “hear [his mother’s] mouth” and being lectured as the family bread winner may further irritate mom. The 24-year-old writes:

Just sent my momma da wrong text that was for my homie. I was cussin and err thang. Her reply was “Huh” im like awww daaamn my bad mom.

Now she calling me. Uhhhh gotta go hear her mouth for 15 mins. All she gone do is laugh. Cant believe I said F*** in that text haha

Point of doing what I do & can’t enjoy the sh**? How can u tell the person that make the money what they can and can’t do! Sh** is nerv rackin

Bow Wow: ‘Underrated’ Is My Vincent van Gogh

Bow Wow

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) this morning, discussing his upcoming album ‘Underrated’, the first release on his new label Cash Money. The 24-year-old rapper and actor writes:

This the first time I’ve actually gone through some real life sh** in my life that has changed me as a person. Which has made my music more darker mature different from anything out. This will be the first album I drop where EVERYONE can’t relate to every song. This my pain my thoughts my life. This album is my Vincent van gogh. F*** all that rich sh** stuntin and being flashy. I making “MUSIC” I now understand don’t mean nuffn if you can play it 5 yrs from now. I’m making sh** that will get u through yo day. Plus I’m exposing all my flaws. #Forgiveme

Bow Wow Fumes Over BET Awards Best Actor Snub

Bow Wow on the set of 'Recalled'

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) on Saturday (May 21), fuming about being snubbed by the BET Awards despite the success of his movies ‘Lottery Ticket’ and ‘Madea’s Big Happy Family’. The 24-year-old writes:

Guess 2 hit movies in the past year in a half and all my movies coming on tv err day aint enough to get nominated best actor at BET Awards.

The 2 biggest urban Movie comedy’s of the past year and half i starred in. I’ll just use this as fuel to motivate me and make me go harder.

Bow Wow In The Studio With Lil Wayne

Bow Wow and Lil Wayne in the studio

Bow Wow is out with his third webisode of ‘Underrated’, which sees the rapper/actor in the studio with his Cash Money label boss Lil Wayne. “I took half of the month off. I did three tours,” Bow Wow says in the video. “Now I’m back in the lab getting it in so you already know what time it is. I’m back at it man, from the box office to the studio. The grind never stops.” Watch the clip via YouTube below the cut. (more…)

Bow Wow Talks Cash Money Collaborations

Bow Wow

Bow Wow spoke with MTV UK in a Q&A, where the rapper was asked about whether fans can expect collaborations with his Cash Money labelmates Nicki Minaj and Drake anytime soon. “Yeah, most definitely. I already worked with Nicki, but it was something for one of my mixtapes, this was before she was even signed with Young Money,” Bow Wow explained. “We did this freestyle called ‘Kiss My Ass’, but of course expect her on my album, expect Wayne on the album also. Me, Snoop Dogg, and Fabolous got this record called ‘Cuff Your Chick’ that I’m going to release in the next few weeks, we about to shoot the video for that in like a week. I’m going to shoot the video with my boy Rico, so it’s going to be big. It’s all about keeping it popping, so you already know I’m going to work with everybody. This album is going to be totally different, I hollered at the big homie, Talib Kweli, I’m going to be working with him, and I even spoke to my big homie, Nas. We recently chopped it up in Atlanta and were trying to come up with an idea and theme for the song. So as you can tell just by the names I’m mentioning, where I’m trying to go with this album. It’s going to be different from anything you’ve ever heard from me before.” Read more.

Bow Wow Shows Off His New York City Crib

Bow Wow posted behind the scenes footage in New York City as he films his new movie ‘Recalled’. “I’m in New York filming my brand new movie ‘Recalled’,” Bow Wow said while inside his apartment. “It’s an army movie, so I got me a crib right here in Manhattan. I’m trying to take over the city like Diddy.” The rapper is also seen doing some shoe shopping, watching the Miami Heat win, and hanging out with Chris Brown. Watch it via YouTube below.