Bow Wow Talks Lil B And Does ‘Wonton Soup’ Dance

Bow Wow did Lil B’s ‘Wonton Soup’ dance with Tim Westwood on 1Xtra. “He shows me a lot of love,” Bow Wow said about The BasedGod. “He always pays respect all the time, and I don’t even ask for it. I don’t demand that and he just does it. I rock for people who geniunely have love for me.” Watch the comments and dance via YouTube below.

Bow Wow Takes On Challenging Film Role

Bow Wow

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) early Wednesday (January 5), talking about his next film project. The rapper and actor tells readers:

The next film I’m doing this year will be some what challenging because I’m playing a character that is so far from who I am. Can’t wait

Let’s just say this character and Steve Urkle have sumn in common. This one will be fun. I start in May.

Bow Wow Is Totally Different From Shad Moss

Bow Wow talked with New Music Director about his career highs and lows and his upcoming album ‘Underrated’. “Bow Wow is totally different from Shad Moss, two totally different guys,” the rapper said. “When you look at me performing, that’s not who you see off the stage. The Bow Wow character is as far as him being close to a human being, the person I am, is night and day.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Bow Wow Makes His Case For Being Underrated

Bow Wow

Bow Wow visited with DJ Envy the other day, talking about how being on Cash Money has been a log more work, going to the studio every day. He suggested that the new album might be titled ‘Underrated’. “Yeah I feel that way,” Bow Wow said. “Just like how Nelly felt when they did that little top 10 thing, like what is we lookin’ at. We’re looking at stats, we’re looking at artists, we’re looking all around game, because nobody out right now, other than probably TIP, I can’t think of anybody that juggles both sides. Just because I don’t put out a record for a year, people think I’m cold. I ain’t cold, I just put out two movies out.” Bow Wow also laughed off reports linking him to Kat Stacks and Twitter messages about wanting to pay for sex. Audio at has since been removed.

Bow Wow Cheers On “My Miami Heat”, Cavs Fans Blast Ohio Native

Bow Wow

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) tonight while watching the Miami Heat get beaten on the road by the Boston Celtics, showing loyalty to Miami and taking some shots at the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers. But the Columbus, Ohio rapper got under the skin of Ohio fans already upset with LeBron James for leaving Cleveland, and how he appeared to be switching his loyalty away from the Cavs to jump on the Heat bandwagon. The rapper writes:

Lets go @MiamiHEAT the road to the championship starts tonight!

Yall see my boy Bron! We ready! Laker fans I have a date with yall at 10:30 to watch Kobe struggle against the Rockets.

Wait… Lakers is home?

Aww sh** I ain’t know they was home. Aww damn.

Fu**ing refs are cheating man. Cut that sissy sh** out. Calln fouls and bad calls.

@StevopLA stevo stop it. Kobe will choke against Rockets

I havent seen refs jump to blow they whistle so fast. Fu** you refs. If yall ref the home opener here in MIA im throw my soda at you!

Say sumn bitch! This my ni**a Bron team. Its Ohio where eva we is! We down 3. Lets go!

I’m proud of my @MiamiHEAT tho. We was down damn near 20 & came back. I think we should start Eddie House. Mike Miller we need u

Among the Tweets from Cavalier fans:

bwhalen22: @BowWow you really gonna turn against the Cavs and be a front runner and root for the heat? smh

_HipHopHead: @BowWow You were a Jazz fan in 08, then a Cavs fan in 09, now a Heat fan in 2010? *Sports card revoked*

Spicino: @BowWow what about your Cavs? Front running punk! Get a hobbie

cavs3125: @BowWow stop bitching frontrunner. I thought you were a Cavs fan but I guess not. Only a LeBron nutsucker.

Superman6927: Wasn’t @BowWow a Cavs fan last year now he’s on the Heat…. LeBron di**rider!

NickWayne87: @BowWow ass gon be rooting for the heat when they play the Cavs and this ni**a from Ohio….#bandwagonfan

JTee007: @BowWow you rep cavs last yr now you reppin the heat come on bruh stop di** ridin and claim ohio that you rep so hard bruh

Bow Wow Tells Pals Via Twitter: Get These Hoes Outta My House

Bow Wow

Bow Wow checked in with his Twitter followers (@BowWow) earlier this morning, upset with his friends for bringing women they picked up from the club over to his home while the rapper was sleeping. The 23-year-old fumed:

Hate when my boys think my crib is the whore house. I wake up to heels walking down my hallway. I woke up like “Kick deez hoes out”

It’s too much nice sh** in here. I’m sleep what if they steal or lie or make a blog in my house. “Kick these B****** out!!! NOW

Take dem hoes to the Super 8 motel. Rule #1 neva take a braud where u rest yo head. I don’t trust these hoes as far as I can throw em.

Sum one say why they gotta be hoes? Only hoes leave the club at 5am with a sweaty cooch to go sleep wita nigga they just met. #Ratchet

Told yall I’ma start being myself on twitter. Having more fun and just being me.

Also I’m hardly ever upset, so when I tweet don’t say I’m mad. Because 10/10 times I may tweet I’m never mad. Always chilled. Y’all know why

Lil Twist ‘Little Secret’ Video Ft. Bow Wow

Lil Twist is out with the music video to his new single ‘Little Secret’, featuring Bow Wow, off the Dallas, Texas rapper’s debut album ‘Don’t Get It Twisted’, out soon on Young Money. Watch it via YouTube below.

Artist On Artist Interview With ‘Lottery Ticket’ Stars Ice Cube & Bow Wow

Ice Cube and Bow Wow star in the new film ‘Lottery Ticket’, and the rappers turn actors spoke with each other for MySpace’s “Artist on Artist”. Bow Wow explained how he grew up on N.W.A. and wanted to emulate Ice Cube, while Cube throws nothing but praise Bow Wow’s way as he describes how Bow has successfully carried the torch. “I study who I’m supposed to be and I don’t let the Ice Cube, whatever people thinking get in the way of what I need to do performing wise,” Cube told Bow Wow. “That’s one of the hardest transitions from rapping to acting, is to get all the hip hop heads out of your head. All the people who don’t want you to be nothing but a rapper. Everybody is gonna have something to say. People are gonna like your performance, people are gonna hate on your performance, but you gotta know you did your best and that you’re not bringing them on to the set. The haters on to the set.” Watch the discussion via MySpace below.

Bow Wow ‘Big Sh**’ Video

Bow Wow is out with the video to his new street single ‘Big Sh**’, off the Cash Money rapper’s mixtape ‘Greenlight 3’, out August 22nd. Watch the Rico directed video via YouTube below.

Derrty Ent Vs. Cash Money Millionaires Basketball Game 2 Highlights

Game two of Derrty Ent vs. Cash Money Millionaires basketball challenge recently took place at University of Illinois at Chicago, with Bow Wow going head to head against Nelly. The game was one of seven where the losing team would donate $100,000 to an education based charity. The game ended up going to double overtime before being decided. Afterwards, Bow Wow and Nelly argued about the merits of a controversial goaltending call that went in Nelly’s favor. Watch highlights from the game and see who wins below.