Bow Wow Discusses ‘Greenlight 2’ Mixtape

Bow Wow checked in with fans on his YouTube, thanking them and the hip hop websites for downloading the ‘Greenlight 2’ mixtape. The rapper said that the mixtape had 120k downloads five hours after uploading it. “As big as ‘Greenlight’ was, I had to come out with something that could beat that,” Bow Wow explained. “A lot of artists have a hard time trying to outdo whatever it is they did previously and the people put so much pressure on them because they want to know if you can do it again.”

Bow Wow ‘Love My Cash Money’

Bow Wow recorded the new track ‘Love My Cash Money’, celebrating his new label deal with Cash Money Records. Watch the rapper laying down the track in the studio via YouTube below.

Bow Wow Signs With Cash Money

Bow Wow has signed a deal with Cash Money, talking about the move with Lil Wayne. “Working with Wayne, that’s really cool because Wayne is like my brother, any day,” Bow Wow explained. “We’re like best friends and to have him right here with me, I’ve been living on my tour bus, he’s been living on his. We’ve been parking our tour busses right beside each other.” Listen to a brief clip of Bow Wow and Weezy’s comments on the contract below.

Bow Wow In Hiding Before “Big Announcement”

Bow Wow has been in hiding with a mystery “Big Announcement” coming in days. The rapper posted a YouTube clip talking about being away from all human contact, thinking and strategizing his next move. He’ll be coming back “a new me with a new look”. Watch the message below.

Bow Wow ‘I Know I’m The Sh**’

Bow Wow posted some footage from the studio miming along to his song ‘I Know I’m The Sh**’, off the rapper’s ‘Gangsta Grillz’ mixtape. Watch it via YouTube below.

Bow Wow ‘S.Y.M’

Bow Wow got behind his webcam to record a video clip miming along to his new song and message to the haters – ‘S.Y.M’ (So Your Mad?)… well actually, it should be ‘So You’re Mad’. Check it out via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy And Bow Wow Survive In-Flight Scare

Soulja Boy backstage with T-Pain

Soulja Boy checked in with fans on his Twitter (@souljaboy) on Friday (June 12), experiencing a scare in the air with Bow Wow. The rapper writes:

Mannnnn just woke up to Bow Wow beside me scared and sweating LOL nigga the plane was DROPPIN real talk lol Turbulence scary as hell

Pause to that last Tweet.. but that sh** was scary LOL

Twitter! Pray that we make it safely to Denver, CO

Been sleep every since I got to hotel.. just woke up ahhhhhh I needed that