Bow Wow Raps For The Ladies

Bow Wow tanktopBow Wow updated fans on his YouTube channel with some verses for the ladies. “Haven’t spoken to the ladies lately,” Bow Wow raps, “you know they call me Mr. Do It For The Ladies.” Bow Wow added that the promo tour for his new album ‘New Jack City Pt. 2’ kicks off Sunday. Watch the video below.

Bow Wow Visits DJ Drama’s Gangsta Grillz Radio

Bow Wow and DJ DramaBow Wow and DJ Drama teamed up on ‘Gangsta Grillz Radio’ on Hot 97 in New York City. Bow Wow talked about his seventh album ‘New Jack City Part 2’, the back and forth with Soulja Boy and trying to get past that, the internet’s role in music, the hip hop sites he regularly checks out, what he’s thinking about the 50 Cent and Rick Ross beef – he’s got love for both, who he’s got on the new CD, and more. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy And Bow Wow Make Peace

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy’s recent phone conversation was recorded, where the two young rappers talked about their recent beef, and how Soulja Boy thought Bow Wow crossed the line in the light-hearted back and forth when he mentioned Soulja Boy was afraid to go back to Atlanta. That prompted Bow Wow to talk about how he tried to get in touch with Soulja Boy the night his house was invaded and he was allegedly robbed and assaulted. “You ain’t no threat to me, I ain’t no threat to you,” Bow Wow told Soulja Boy. Listen to the conversation via YouTube below.

Soulja Boy Thinks Bow Wow Took It Too Far

Soulja Boy Tell Em responds candidly about his beef with Bow Wow on, taking the KIIS DJ out in his Lamborghini. The rapper talked abot the YouTube video where Bow Wow turned his nose up at his Lamborghini since it wasn’t a Mercielago and dismissed Soulja Boy’s claim that his ride was rented by showing the paperwork, warning his sidekick Arab to “watch your boyfriend. He’s on suicide watch.” Bow Wow also offered to buy 100,000 ‘iSouljaboyTellem’ albums to save the one hit wonder’s life.

“I think he just took it too far,” Soulja Boy said of Bow Wow. “I don’t know if he did it on purpose or it’s something that’s been inside him that he’s wanted to say. You never know.” Soulja Boy added that Bow Wow texted him and said “don’t take nothing personal, I’m just playin.” But Soulja Boy said “you don’t play like that. He knew the situation, when I was in Atlanta, I could’ve died that night,” referring to the incident where he was supposedly assaulted and robbed at his Atlanta home, prompting him to flee to Los Angeles. “No it’s over for you ni**a,” Soulja Boy tells Bow Wow. “Your whole career is over with. You ain’t selling no motherfu**in albums. This is your last album. You better stick to your acting cause it’s over for you ni**a.” Watch the interview below.

Bow Wow Talks About His Vroom 1 Shoe

Bow Wow wearing BeatsBow Wow checked in with fans on his YouTube channel, saying he’s done talking about the Lamborghini race with Soulja Boy. Instead, he’s working on his Vroom 1 shoe for Starbury and his request for ideas on the footwear. Bow Wow added that he’s ready to head out and promote ‘New Jack City Pt. 2’. Check it out below.

Bow Wow Ups Lamborghini Beef With “1 Hit Wonder” Soulja Boy

Bow Wow is firing back at Soulja Boy, who he’s calling “The 1 Hit Wonder” after the younger rapper challenged Bow Wow to produce a title for his Lamborghini Murcielago, which is supposedly being rented. Bow Wow says that until Soulja Boy trades in his Gallardo for a Murcielago, “You will not win.” After producing registration papers for the Murcielago, Bow Wow scolded, “So you know what that means, you stupid ass little boy? You can’t have a registered tag on a rental car.” Bow Wow added that he paid off the pricey ride with his Amex Black Card. Bow Wow added that he’s talked with the CEO of Lamborghini, who wants to sponsor the race which would put the young rappers’ respective car titles on the line, airing on the Speed Channel or ESPN. Watch the video via YouTube below.

Bow Wow Accepts Nelly’s Basketball Challenge

Nelly is challenging Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri to a $100,000, seven game basketball series, and Bow Wow is responding with lyrically. “I accept your challenge imma get in your ass,” Bow Wow says. “Grown men in the paint, pin your sh** to the glass.” Listen to the track below.

Soulja Boy Hits Back At Bow Wow And His Rented Lamborghini

Soulja Boy talks LamboSoulja Boy checked in with fans on his YouTube channel on Monday (February 2), responding to Bow Wow’s video showing off his Lamborghini and turning his nose up to the Lambo that Soulja Boy bought. Soulja Boy says that Bow Wow’s Lamborghini is rented, while he bought his in cash. “I bought the Lamborghini cash for the money I wrote and made for your single ‘Marco Polo’ ni**a,” Soulja Boy explained to his hip hop rival. “I bought the Lamborghini from you. I got the money off of you.” He’s now challenging Bow Wow to show the papers that he bought his Lamborghini in cash with his next video. Watch the video below.

Bow Wow Not Impressed With Soulja Boy’s New Lamborghini Gallardo

Bow Wow is schooling Soulja Boy about how his Lamborghini stacks up against his younger rival in a video clip at Bow Wow’s YouTube channel, responding to Soulja Boy’s challenge to put his sports car on the line. “Number one, you got the poor man’s Lambo,” Bow Wow tells Soulja Boy. “That’s what people get when they want one of these. When they want a big dog car like this, they gonna get the Gallardo. Number two, you ridin with a ni**a in your passenger seat. Don’t no dude ride in my passenger seat, only women ride in my passenger seat. A model preferably. Number three, your doors don’t even go up, how you gotta Lambo? Number four, you ridin on plastic rims, you don’t even got rims on your sh**.” Watch the video and the Soulja Boy video that prompted the reaction below.

Bow Wow Shows Off His Las Vegas Penhouse Suite

Bow Wow in Las Vegas

Bow Wow and Khleo videotaped themselves clowning around in Las Vegas, with Bow Wow showing off his penthouse suite – equipped with a pool table, wetbar, Bose sound system, and a bunch of TVs. Bow Wow then hyped his Source magazine cover, the new album ‘New Jack City Part 2’, the new mixtape ‘Half Man, Half Dog Vol. 2’, and his new shoes. Watch the video via MySpace below.