Rappers React During Grammy Awards

MTV News spoke with several artists via two way pagers during Wednesday’s Grammy awards including Bubba Sparxxx, Naughty by Nature’s Treach and Vinnie, Jermaine Dupri, and Mystic. JD told MTV News from backstage at the awards, “I’m just relaxed and chilled out to the show. I’m hitting every party and doing a lot of interviews. I haven’t been in the audience yet, … but backstage is fun. I love everybody, so I’m happy for all.” Read more.

Bubba Sparxxx Livin Large With The Ladies

Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba Sparxxx tells Worldpop success as a rapper has its advantages with the opposite sex. Spraxxx revealed, “Let’s be honest, none of us will ever date a model. But I’ve actually indulged in a few! I know my limitations. I was the kind of person that could have one good-looking girl, not 10 exceptional women. But I definitely indulge!”

Bubba Sparxxx Doesnt’ See Similaries With Him & Slim

Top of the Pops spoke with Bubba Sparxxx about his album, latest single, being a white rapper, and comparisons to Eminem. On the latter subject, Sparxxx said, “We are both white but that’s about the end of the similarities. The music sounds and feels totally different. Hats off to him but I honestly don’t think that there are many similarities.”

Bubba Sparxxx Raps Praise To Eminem

Bubba Sparxxx tells NME that Eminem’s success has helped pave the way for him and other white rappers following the Vanilla Ice “debacle” who blew their credibility. Bubba said, “It was an uphill battle for us white rappers after [Vanilla Ice], and for Eminem to have broken through, he gave credibility back to the institution of white people being involved in hip-hop, period.”

Bubba Sparxxx Says Nas Won Beef With Jay-Z

Bubba Sparxxx

Radio 1 spoke with Bubba Sparxxx who offered his opinion on the beef between Jay-Z and Nas. Bubba said diplomatically, “Nas won the battle hands down as far as the songs go. But personally I like Jay-Z’s album the ‘Blueprint’ better than Nas’ album. I ain’t siding with either person but as a Hip Hop fan, that’s just the way I see it.” The entire audio interview and transcript at bbc.co.uk/radio1 has since been removed.

Bubba’s 20 Minute Set Leaves London Audience Furious

David Sinclair of The Times reviewed the Bubba Sparxxx headlining show at London’s Astoria over the weekend and blasted the rapper giving the show a one star rating. Sinclair reports Bubba only performed for a total of just 20 minutes causing a chorus of booing and a hail of missiles.

Bubba Sparxxx Insists He Didn’t Grow Up Poor

Bubba Sparxxx

Alex Pappademas of Blender magazine spoke with Bubba Sparxxx about some of the redneck type stereotypes he’s been experiencing since hitting it big including the assumption that he grew up poor. Bubba set the record straight saying, “A magazine quoted me — well, they didn’t quote me, but I told them I grew up on a dirt road with no cable TV, and that I had well water. From that, they printed that I grew up poor. I would never say that. We had good years and bad years, but to me poor is when you can’t eat. And we could always eat.”

Rap Overshadowed For R&B At Soul Train Music Awards

Alicia Keys lead the pack with four nominations for the 16th annual Soul Train Music Awards. Other than Jay-Z, the top nominees all are R&B artists. Other rappers getting nods included Bubba Sparxxx, Ja Rule, and Busta Rhymes. The awards ceremony will be held March 20 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena.

Bubba Says Dungeon Family Foundation Of Southern Hip-Hop

MuchMusic reports Bubba Sparxxx has credited the OutKast, Goodie Mob, and Organized Noize fronted Dungeon Family for getting the Georgia hip-hop scene so much attention. Bubba said, “As far as I’m concerned the whole Dungeon Family is pretty much the foundation of Southern hip hop, especially in regards to Georgia. I’m just proud to be part of what’s going on down there right now.”