Buck 65 Not Optimistic About Next U.S. President

Buck 65 checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@buck65) on Sunday (November 2), discussing his upcoming album ‘Bike For Three!’ and Tuesday’s U.S. elections. The Canadian hip hop artist writes:

I feel strange and nervous about the upcoming election in the US. On one hand, I feel like I know who I want to win. On the other hand, I feel like whoever does has an impossible task laid out in front of them and we’ll all probably end up hating whoever it is after a few months anyway. I don’t think anyone can fix all the problems out there right now. So sometimes I feel like it would be easier to deal with if someone I already don’t like wins. Know what I mean? It’s a terrible attitude to have, I know. But it’s pretty hard to be optimistic when you’re swirling down the toilet…

Buck 65 Deals With Negative Response

The perception that Canadian rapper Buck 65 is somehow meddling with the sacred hiphop form has drawn fierce opposition in the America, expressed in a way that he finds troubling yet strangely intriguing. “I keep getting called a fag. When you stop to consider the psychology of the situation, where people react to something they don’t understand by concluding, ‘Oh, he must be gay,’ it”s just ridiculous,” he told Tim Perlich of NOW Toronto. “But it’s been happening over and over again in the U.S. It’s amazing how few people understand that the lesson of Afrika Bambaataa was that it’s healthy to keep an open mind about sounds that come from other places. Even some journalists, who you’d hope would know better, are asking me, ‘Are you gay or somethin’? The narrow-mindedness I’m up against is unbelievable.” The full story at nowtoronto.com has since been removed.

Buck 65 Influenced By Old School

Chart Attack caught up with Buck 65 who spoke of the people he’d like to work with. “My biggest influences are from the old school,” he says. “Like, I would love to work with MC Shan, ‘cause he’s like, one of my heroes. That would be incredible. As for more contemporary artists, I just did a song with a friend of mine, a rapper from the Rhode Island called Sage Francis. He’s really dope.”

Buck 65 Is Embarrassed With State Of Hip Hop

Andrew Mayer of the Toronto Eye spoke with Canadian hip hop artist Buck 65, who seems disgusted with the bling bling state of the genre. “I’m embarrassed by the association, a lot of times,” says the artist otherwise known as Rich Terfry. “When I go through customs, or I’m in a taxi, and people ask what I do, I tell them, ‘I’m a musician.’ When they ask, ‘What kind of music do you make?’ I avoid it altogether by lying and saying ‘I’m a jazz xylophone player.'”