KRS-One & Buckshot ‘Survival Skills’

KRS-One & Buckshot unveiled the second song off their upcoming album ‘Survival Skills’, in stores September 15th on Duck Down Records. The title track ‘Survival Skills’ features scratches from DJ Revolution and production from Illmind. Listen below.

KRS-One & Buckshot ‘Robot’ Video

KRS-One & Buckshot are out with the video to their new single ‘Robot’, the first release off the duo’s upcoming album ‘Survival Skills’, in stores September 15th on Duck Down Records. Watch the Todd Angkasuwan directed video via YouTube below.

KRS-One & Buckshot Rock The Bells Chicago Gig Highlights

Duck Down has a backstage look at KRS-One & Buckshot’s performance from the Rock The Bells Chicago gig. They also spoke with fans about what the duo’s album ‘Survival Skills’ means to them. The disc is in stores September 15th. Watch via YouTube below.

KRS-One & Buckshot ‘Robot’ Video Behind The Scenes

KRS-One & Buckshot take fans behind-the-scenes of their upcoming video for ‘Robot’, directed by Todd Angkasuwan. KRS-One and Buckshot release their new album ‘Survival Skills’ on September 15th via Duck Down Records. “We love the fact that T-Pain is the person who did it in this era,” Buckshot said of the auto-tune phenomenon. “What I said was, I’m not dissin the brother, I said to the kids of today, it’s all the people after him that’s copying. That’s who we’re speaking to.” Watch it via YouTube below.

KRS-One & Buckshot Discuss ‘Survival Skills’

KRS-One & Buckshot described the meaning behind their album title ‘Survival Skills’ and discussed how their collaborative album came to be. The album is in stores August 25th on Duck Down Records. “A lot of rappers today, they rhyme about the cash and how they on the streets grindin, and the only time you really see them is at awards shows,” KRS-One explained. “The survival skills, the actual ability to survive off your skills – that right there is the lost art – maybe now it’s found.” Watch the interview via YouTube below.

KRS-One & Buckshot Perform ‘South Bronx’ In NYC

KRS-One shocked the audience in New York City at NOKIA Theater with a surprise appearance alongside Buckshot during his main performance set on the Paid Dues tour. Watch the pair perform ‘South Bronx’ below and watch for the pair’s collaborative studio album dropping August 25th on Duck Down Records.

KRS-One & Buckshot In The Studio With Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige joined KRS-One & Buckshot in the studio to record a powerful hook for the song ‘On The Grind’ (produced by Black Milk), off the forthcoming KRS-One & Buckshot collaborative studio album in stores this August on Duck Down Records. Watch a trailer with highlights in the studio via YouTube below.

The Million Man March Press Conference

Tone Capone, Damon Dash, M1 of Dead Prez, Doug E. Fresh, Foxy Brown, Fredro Star, Killah Priest, Louis Farrakhan, Lil’ Sean, Praz, Rell, Remy Martin, and Buckshot Shorty attended The Million Man March press conference on May 10th at the Sheraton Hotel in New York City. Check out pictures from WireImage.