Busta Rhymes Visits Howard Stern

Busta Rhymes was on the Howard Stern Show Tuesday morning to promote his new album ‘Genesis’. Busta says he still thinks that O.J. Simpson is innocent of the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Busta also thinks Mike Tyson is innocent of his rape charges. Rhymes promoted his appearance in ‘Halloween 8’ out next year and took a few phone calls from listeners.

Puffy & Busta Drink Then Rap

The New York Daily News reports Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs and Busta Rhymes recently hung out drinking a bottle of Cognac and afterwards decided to rap a tune “you can give me the dough, give me the cribs, but pass the Courvoisier”. The song appears on Rhymes’ new album ‘Genesis’ out today.

Busta Rhymes Explains Album Delays

MTV talked to Busta Rhymes about the delays that saw his new album’s release date go from August, then September, then October, and now November. Busta has this is definitely the drop date this time and explained the delays saying, “Number one, I like to record albums to the final, final crunch time pressure, last mile second. Second, what ended up happening was a lot of people that I was trying to work with eventually started coming through in the 11th hour. It just made sense not to sell myself short and [to] seize the moment.”

Busta Hits TRL

Busta Rhymes stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live with Carson Daly to promote his upcoming album ‘Genesis’ and also perform ‘Break Ya Neck’ and ‘What Is It.’ He also played the game ‘Name That Noise’ where Busta had to correctly guess an artist’s significant noise.

Busta Readies ‘Genesis’ On New Label

J Records announced Busta Rhymes will have his album debut on the new label on November 27 with Genesis. Label head Clive Davis gushed of his newly signed rapper, “Busta’s debut album for us fulfills all our expectations. It’s pure and simply electrifying and it’s Busta at his all time best. That’s good enough for me.”

Davey D Provides Insight on Jay-Z And More

Davey D updated yesterday and revealed additional details on the Jay-Z guilty plea in his stabbing case. Davey says “There was also supposed to be a film that clearly showed Jay-Z no where near Rivera during the stabbing. There was also talk about Busta Rhymes witnessing the altercation from a nearby balcony and able to attest to Jigga’s innocence.” Davey also says the Coup are having troubles getting a permit to hold an anti-war concert in San Franscisco. Read more.

The Wash Soundtrack Details

Aftermath / Doggystyle / Interscope Records will release The Wash, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on November 6, 2001. Included on the album are new tracks from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes and Bubba Sparxxx. Read on for a full track listing.