Mr. Cheeks At The 2nd Annual Hip Hop For Healthcare Benefit Concert

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Currently, the music industry has a policy of not insuring artists on their record label. Medicaid and other programs such as those providing Child Health Plus and Family Health Plus offer insurance only to very low-income people. For instance, if you make $10,000 a year as a single adult you are not eligible for any of the above health plans.

The Definitive Take

Christopher O’Connor of the Dallas Observer caught up with C-Rayz Walz to talk about being on Def Jux and touring with other acts on the indie hip-hop label. The decision to join the label’s roster, he says, was an easy one once El-P approached him after a show. “Everybody here is an individual,” he says. “Each person is unique. It’s not easy to digest. Most of the great albums on the Def Jux label, I didn’t even like them at the beginning.”

Don’t Touch C-Rayz Walz’s Mic

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Bringing life to a crowd can be one of a rapper’s greatest feats. On October 28th at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT, C-Rayz Walz brought life to the crowd in a new and unusual way, by nearly taking one of the crowd member’s lives. Read what happened here.