Cam’ron & Vado ‘Speaking In Tungs’ Video

Cam’ron and Vado are out with the music video to their new single ‘Speaking In Tungs’, off the pair’s long-awaited collaborative debut ‘Gunz ‘N Butta’, out September 9th on E1 Music. Watch it via YouTube below.

Cam’ron ‘Cousin Bang’ Trailer

Camron 'Cousin Bang'

Cam’ron is out with the trailer to his new buddy comedy ‘Cousin Bang’, set for release this fall. Watch the preview as Killa learns the value of “family” when Cousin Bang moves in below.

Cam’ron Gets His XXL Plaque

Cam’ron videotaped himself opening a package from XXL, a plaque of his third cover for the magazine, which sold out on the stands. Watch it via YouTube below.

Going After Cam’ron On ‘Frienemies’ Was Easy For Jim Jones

Jim Jones talked with Global Grind about Pimpin Curly, ‘Frienemies’, and how hard it was for him to write his verse about Cam’ron. “It was actually kind of easy,” he responded to the final question. “It’s real life.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Cam’ron Talks ‘Crime Pays’, O’Reilly, Chris Brown & More

Cam'ron 2009
The Life Files caught up with Cam’ron at the Asylum Records building in New York, being a fan of the internet since there’s fewer censorship worries, what he thought about the XXL cover story, being cool financially, suddenly having amnesia when asked about Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, frustrations with his Lamborghini Gallardo breaking down all the time, his businesses outside hip hop, the new album ‘Crime Pays’, his take on the Chris Brown and Rihanna issue, if he’d ever return to ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ again, and more. Watch the interview below.

Cam’ron ‘Got It For Cheap’ Video

Cam'ron Got It For Cheap'

Cam’ron is out with the video to his new single ‘Got It For Cheap’, off the Harlem rapper’s sixth studio album ‘Crime Pays’, out May 5th via Diplomat Records. Watch it via DailyMotion below.

Cam’ron Discusses ‘Crime Pays’

Cam’ron explained what he likes about the title track from his new album, ‘Crime Pays’. “The one song that I would say is my favorite this week is kind of the ‘Crime Pays’ song I did,” Cam’ron explained. “It’s kind of like growin up 4th or 5th grade I rapped about the teacher asking you what you want to grow up to be in the classroom.” Watch the comments below.