Jam’n 94.5 Concertgoers Get Special Lil’ Kim Treat

The Boston Herald reports that during Lil’ Kim’s show at Jam’n 94.5’s Summer Jam the other night the busty rapper gave fans an eyeful when she removed her leather vest over her skimpy costume. The double-sided tape holstering her breasts fell off. “She had like `suspenders’ attached to this little skirt that was about the size of a napkin,” said a concertgoer. “But she continued her half-hour set without covering up.” Meanwhile, they report that Nas was a no-show at the event, because rival Cam’ron was on the bill. “They hate each other,” said an insider.

Second Arrest Made In Cam’ron Cohort Shooting

Launch.com reports New York City police arrested a second suspect, Herndon Williams, 32, of Brooklyn, New York on Saturday (May 17), and charged him with murder and attempted robbery for the shooting of rapper Freekey Zekey (a.k.a. Ezekiel Jiles) of Cam’ron’s protege group the Diplomats, and the murder of his bodyguard, Eric Mangrum, on April 25 during an attempted robbery.

Mariah Carey Broke The Hip Hop & R&B Mix Mold

HiT recently chatted with Mariah Carey and asked the singer about her thoughts on Toni Braxton coming out and giving her credit for mixing diva R&B with hip-hop way before it became cool. “Yeah, I saw that, that was nice of her. I love hip-hop,” she said. “I grew up on hip-hop in New York. I experienced the birth of hip-hop. It’s organic for me. But people don’t understand. Take ‘Dream Lover’. It’s a cute little pop song, but it’s based on a sample of a record called ‘Blind Alley’ which has been used by so many rappers just freestyling – ‘Ain’t No Half Steppin” by Big Daddy Kane for one. The average public hears ‘Dream Lover’ and has no clue. But Q-Tip said to me, ‘You realize you’re a catalyst for what’s happening in music right now. You used ‘Blind Alley’, you sang over that loop.’ It takes someone knowledgeable about old school hip-hop to know that. I love ballads, they’re therapy for me. But doing ‘Boy (I Need You)’ with Cam’ron or ‘You Got Me’ with Jay Z, that’s part of me too.”

On TV: Cam’ron, Fabolous, Master P

Amongst the rap acts appearing on talk television this week are Cam’ron and the Diplomats, who appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, while Fabolous makes an appearance on Last Call with Carson Daly on Thursday, and Master P and the 504 Boyz stop by the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn on Friday.

Mariah Carey Describe Trouble Filming ‘Boy’ In Japan

Mariah Carey dropped in to the Radio 1 studios talk about her new single ‘Boy I Need You’ featuring Cam’ron. Mariah admits she and Cam’ron hit a bit of trouble when they were in Japan. “In Tokyo it was very intense because I guess there was a problem with the permits, so like four people got arrested,” she said. “We had to keep bailing people out and keep changing locations because the crowds were very intense and I guess they were afraid that somebody would get hurt. So I totally understood that. It’s just fun to work with Cam and those guys. They’re all just really good people and it was a lot of fun.”

Cam’ron Doesn’t Pause Tour For Iraq Invasion

Cam'ron and The Diplomats

Cam’ron tells MTV News that despite the invasion of Iraq, he doesn’t plan on cutting short his tour. “We’re not [going] to stop doing what we do. I’m taking care of my daily schedule,” Cam said. “I don’t think the other country is going to attack back. They’re more long-term enemies. Everybody is stressing right now, but I think you have to be worried in the future. I think the next few weeks may be the safest, so it’s regular business for us.” Read more.

Cam’ron Defends The Pink Wardrobe

Cam’ron was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday and was asked about his all pink outfit at the Grammy Awards. Cam said, “I like to be original. I can’t do what he doin’ and he doin’ and do youin’.” He added, “We got to be original you ain’t never seen nobody wear the earrings or wear pink soofly like I do it, you understand? Like me, I’ma do, I’ma show you and point you to the next level.” Cam then pulled out his pink Nextel cell phone as an example saying, “I mean the ladies like it; right?” Even with Carson Daly questioning him though, no mention about the pretty much breaking news about his Diplomats crew getting arrested in Boston the prior morning on a shooting charge. Several shots were fired at 2003 Toyota Camry with three female passengers, but fortunately nobody was hurt.