Battle Royale: Canibus Vs. Dizaster

Battle Royale will take place June 9th at Exchange LA and the main event features Canibus vs. Dizaster and undercard features Illmaculate vs. Arsonal. VIP and general admission, PPV (UStream) tickets are available now. View a new video trailer for Canibus vs Dizaster Battle via YouTube below.

“You better come with some f**king bars! I don’t want to hear no f**king excuses when this sh**’s f**king over; no excuses! This is your chance to prove yourself homey,” Dizaster warned. “That’s the great thing about Hip-Hop. That if you get blackballed, that if any stupid sh** happens to you in Hip-Hop, no matter what somebody says to you at the end of the day the power of the word is what remains. So you can save yourself, because ain’t nothing going to hold me back from doing what I gotta f**king do to you bro. That’s it, ain’t nothing going to save you. Nothing—see you in Disneyland bro!”

Canibus Comments On CanibusOnline’s Alleged Merchandise Fraud

Canibus posted the following bulletin to fans on his Myspace on Friday (August 10):

Thanks so much for all of the support in response to my bulletin in which I stated that I am no longer in business with Mic Club, Louis Lombard III and all of his websites, etc. I am reaching out to you again in regards to the many complaints I have received about people paying for and not receiving their merchandise from This is one of the sites run by Louis Lombard III/Mic Club. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that you got ripped off. My lil bro Johnnie told me he filed a complaint with paypal and got his money back. I suggest you all do that as well. After he did that someone at contacted him and told him they were going to send him a complimentary CD. Let’s hope he gets it! I can’t guarantee that it’s an authentic autograph but hopefully it is. I probably signed a few hundred copies of FOR WHOM THE BEAT TOLLS.

I really do appreciate all of the fans support and if you are one of the those people who paid and didn’t get your merchandise I’d like to send you each a sticker or two and an autograph. I wish I could do more but at the moment I can’t. If you send me your name and address along with proof (paypal email) that you paid for your merch and didn’t get it (i.e. filing a complaint to paypal) I’ll get something out in the mail to you this next week.

Although, I haven’t read all of your emails I’ve seen a lot of them and they mean a lot to me. For those I inspire, keep spitting. Together we’ll keep hip hop alive. It’s all of you that keep me sane in times like these. THANK YOU.



Canibus: A Soldier’s Story caught up with Canibus and asked the rapper what prompted him to join the service this Spring. “I couldn’t begin to sum up the events of why I joined the service in this interview and if for some reason I did decide to explain every detail then I’d be surprised if anyone understood my reasoning anyways,” Canibus said. “There are a variety of reasons that I decided to be in the U.S. Military. Anyone who requires more of an explanation, can go through boot camp, and I’ll tell them when we get deployed to the desert.” As for how being a soldier will affect him as an artist, Canibus responded, “As an artist my style is amorphous. Sometimes I adjust and adapt, other times I refuse to. My skill isn’t affected by my being here.”

Eminem Addresses Canibus Beef

Eminem also elaborated on his beef with Canibus in an interview with Tim Westwood on BBC Radio 1. “Can’o’sh**? He’s like on some fag sh**,” Slim said. “It seems like it’s some queer sh** to me. His little ‘Stan lives’, or whatever, barely peeked my radar. Hopefully he’ll do something better to get my attention. No matter how big I get or whatever happens in this game, I’ve always got my ear to the street. If somebody – big, small, it doesn’t matter – if you’re an MC and you mention my name in the wrong way and you draw first blood, I’m going to come back at you.”

Eminem vs. Canibus Analyzed

Steven Samuel of is analyzing the latest beef that pits Eminem against Canibus. Canibus’ ‘U Didn’t Care’ implies Slim was ghostwriting for LL Cool J, so Eminem answered with ‘Squaredance’ rapping, “I’ll be brief, let me just keep *#@% simple / Can-i-bitch, don’t want no beef with Slim – No. / Not even on my radar / so won’t you please jump off my dick; Lay off and stay off…” The importance of this beef is the possible use of the race card, says Samuel.

Canibus’ Beef With Beanie Sigel reports Canibus has taken aim at Roc-A-Fella emcee Beanie Sigel after Beans called him out in a track striking back in the track, “Who Owns You”.