Chamillionaire Speaks Out On Foreclosed Home And More

After rumors of being confronted by TMZ about foreclosing on his mansion, Chamillionaire responds to the situation in a live broadcast to his fans on June 9th. “I owed more on the house than what the house was worth,” Cham said. “As the market crashed, we all have to deal with it. Economic times like this. The market crashes and a house that originally used to be worth a lot of money is not worth that no more. So I’m basically pouring money into an investment that’s not worth the money that I’m paying for.” He added that on May 14th his son was born, so that played a major impact on how he views his finances. The Houston rapper also talked about how his mother having cancer has impacted him, the reason why ‘Venom’ is being delayed over Pimp C song, the issue surrounding his May 14th concert in Denver at Casselman’s, and details about the ‘Major Main 1.5’ mixtape release. Watch some of the multi-part broadcast via YouTube below.

Chamillionaire Chose To Have His Houston Mansion Foreclosed

Chamillionaire’s Houston mansion was repossessed by the bank recently after going into foreclosure, but the rapper tells TMZ it was a business decision. “When the market went down, the house went down too and it was just worth nothing,” the rapper explained. “It wasn’t a situation where they came and took it from me. I felt like I didn’t want to pay that much money a month for a house I’m never at.” Watch the remarks via below the cut. (more…)

New Chamillionaire Album ‘Venom’ Pushed Back To March 16th

Chamillionaire’s new album ‘Venom’ has been pushed back to March 16th. In the meantime, Chamillionaire will release a ‘Major Pain’ disc on the Feburary 2nd, date ‘Venom’ was supposed to drop. Watch the Houston rapper talking about the move and expressing some frustration with Universal Music below.

Chamillionaire ‘Good Morning’ Video

Chamillionaire is out with the video to his new single ‘Good Morning’, the first release from the Houston rapper’s third studio album ‘Venom’, out February 2nd via Chamillitary/Universal. Watch the Don Tyler directed video via YouTube below.

Chamillionaire Speaks Out On Bill O’Reilly & Fox News

Chamillionaire 'Venom'

Nick Huff spoke with Chamillionaire to talk with the Houston rapper about the state of hip hop, his thoughts on Drake, collaborating with Asher Roth, his last album ‘Ultimate Victory’, keeping fans and his label happy, and Bill O’Reilly. On ‘The Factor’ host, Chamillionaire said, “I don’t get him, man, but I think there’s a method to his madness and the crazy stuff that he says on Fox News, they always say a lot of crazy stuff… But at that time [when ‘Hip Hop Police/Evening News’ came out], I felt it was only right, man. The timing for someone to come up and speak on a lot of that crazy stuff that was going on. And now we on to something different. Everyone knows the economy is messed up and instead of beating it in people’s heads and making them feel sad, I think it’s time to uplift and make people feel a little bit better about their situations.”

Chamillionaire And Famous In Pasadena, TX

Chamillionaire 'Venom'

Go behind the scenes with Chamillionaire and Famous as they stop through Pasadena, Texas in a video clip hosted by Wicked Cricket on Cham’s YouTube channel below.

Chamillionaire ‘Mixtape Messiah 6’ In-Store Tour Highlights

Chamillionaire documented his ‘Mixtape Messiah 6’ in-store tour, where the Houston rapper traveled from city to city promoting albums and mixtapes and greeted dedicated fans who showed their support. Check out the highlight video via YouTube below.

Chamillionaire Takes On His Web Critics

Chamillionaire 'Venom'

Chamillionaire took on some internet nerds in an interview with, including one saying that Martin Luther King “is rolling in his grave when morons like this end up representing his struggle” in reaction to an article on him being named Co-Grand Marshall of the ’09 MLK Day Parade in Houston. “That was a very ignorant post, man,” Cham responded. “Like, c’mon man, this is Martin Luther King’s day. I’m an African-American entrepreneur… [And] at a time when Barack Obama is the leader of the free world, for them to try to bring in young people into the MLK parade… I’ma be in the parade with my candy cars on 26’s and city officials inside the cars. And a lot of young people are gonna come out to the parade because I’m there. This is not about me, it’s about making people understand how historic this day is. Like, c’mon man, only a moron would post something like that.” The full story at has since been removed.