Chamillionaire And J Mac Talk Smack Before Basketball Rematch

Chamillionaire and J Mac of 97.9’s The Box are having a rematch basketball game at Fly Rydes in Houston on January 18th, welcome to the public. The rapper visited the radio station to talk smack ahead of the game and said people who show up who’ve got game can participate. Watch video via YouTube below.

Paul Wall Makes Amends With Chamillionaire caught up with Paul Wall in a Q&A, asking the rapper about the differences he and fellow Houston artist Chamillionaire have had in the past and whether the two are now on good terms are is there still some bad feelings. “Nah, amends have definitely been made 100%,” Paul said. “We just did a show together a couple weeks ago in Houston, a car show that was pretty dope. So I think amends have definitely been made; ain’t no hard feelings at all on either one of our parts.”

Asked if the pair might do a collaboration album like perhaps ‘Get Ya Mind Correct ’09’, the 27-year-old responded, “Man that would be a nice thing, it would be a beautiful thing but I don’t think its going to happen. Mainly because were on separate record labels, but its something Id love to do. Whether or not he wants to do it, I don’t know. But I’d love to do it.” Read more.

Chamillionaire ‘Internet Nerds Argue’

Chamillionaire 'Venom'

Chamillionaire posted a new song on his YouTube channel entitled ‘Internet Nerds Argue’, an exclusive track posted by the Houston rapper as a Happy New Year celebration. Listen below.

Chamillionaire At Los Magnificos Custom Car Show

Chamillionaire hit 97.9 The Box’s annual Los Magnificos Custom Car Show & Concert on November 23rd at Reliant Center, representing his Fly Rydes custom car shop. Watch highlights from the day in a pair of clips, with the second one sampling his ‘Mixtape Messiah’ release, below.

Chamillionaire’s Fly Rydes Vs. J Mac’s Bench Warmers

Chamillionaire played basketball with fans at the new location for his car shop Fly Rydes in Houston. J Mac from Houston’s 97.9 The Box arrived and started talkin trash to Chamillionaire’s team… and J Mac’s team backed it up. Watch the highlights via YouTube below.

Chamillionaire ‘Internet Nerd’s Brother’

Chamillionaire is following up his ‘Mixtape Messiah 4’ track ‘Internet Nerd’ with ‘Internet Nerd’s Brother’ on ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’, performed from the perspective of one of his internet haters. Listen to the track, and watch reaction to its premiere on Party 93.3 in Houston, below.

Chamillionaire Visits 97.9 The Box, Samples ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’

Chamillionaire visits 97.9Chamillionaire is out with a sampler for his ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’ release. The video clip at his YouTube channel also features the rapper dropping by the Madd Hatta Morning Show 97.9 The Box in Houston, where the DJ requested Cham to keep making the hits.

Chamillionaire posted a second clip with additional footage from the 97.9 appearance, including a freestyle and an in-studio performance of his new release ‘Creepin Solo’, featuring Ludacris. Watch them both below.

Chamillionaire ‘Creepin’ Video Ft. Ludacris

Chamillionaire is out with the video to his new single ‘Creepin’, featuring Ludacris, from the Houston, Texas rapper’s third studio album ‘Venom’, out soon via Chamillitary/Universal Motown. Watch it via YouTube below.

Chamillionaire ‘Swagger Like Us’

Chamillionaire posted a cut off his new release ‘Mixtape Messiah’ ahead of its November 23rd release. “Come to Texas we can bet that I’m king,” the Houston MC raps. “I’m the best in real life and nothing less in my dreams.” Listen to the ‘Swagger Like Us’ freestyle below.