Chamillionaire Checks Out Fly Rydes, Hypes ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’

Chamillionaire announced that the date for ‘Mixtape Messiah 5’ would be November 23rd in a video clip at his YouTube channel, recorded at Fly Rydes, where he’ll be signing copies of the mixtape on November 29th. “You know how heavy we are on the streets with the mixtapes,” the Houston rapper says. “It’s about to get even heavier. So come to the shop, have some barbecue. Kick it with some cool people, some cool ladies. We’re gonna do it big.” Watch the video via YouTube below.

Chamillionaire Hands Out Ice To Houston’s Ike Victims

Chamillionaire, Trae the Truth, and ABN did some volunteer work, offering a helping hand after Hurricane Ike damaged Houston and giving people ice. “See me, I do what I can,” Cham said. “I got a lot going on, so I ain’t God. I do try to put a helping hand in when I can.” He said he posted the video to prove he isn’t sitting home in a mansion while others suffer, but not for press attention. Watch the video below.

Chamillionaire Airing Chamillitary Entertainment’s Dirty Laundry

Chamillionaire posted some communication between his former Chamillitary Entertainment rapper Yung Ro and Koopa, with Ro talking about some of the politics and problems with Cham ignoring his artists in favor of his own material. According to the posted messages, Ro said:

You’re missing the whole point, look at the history, Cham doesn’t let other people drop sh**, still ain’t let Fame drop anything, Fame released a mixtape the same time Cham dropped MM3, but you didn’t see Cham promote sh**. What did Cham do for Rasaq, nothing, he just kept getting money for himself, that’s why Rasaq left to start his own label cause he couldn’t do sh** with Cham. And 50/50 knew this and that’s why he never signed… and there’s nothing wrong with Cham trying to get all the money he can for himself, but if you’re gonna have a label and sign people then fu**ing support the people you sign you know… You wanna be all about yourself and tour with just yourself as the only act, not letting Rasaq/Fame do any songs, not inviting Ro, Tony Henry’s making his own CD’s and own photoshoots for it and selling them on his MySpace, Cham ain’t helping him, you just want to drop your mixtapes and albums and nothing else from anybody… again that’s all fine and dandy, but then what’s the point of having a label and signing people… might as well just be solo right? That’s essentially what he is, and appears will always be… Cham is at least part if not most of the problem… HISTORY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF cause like I’ve said eventually its gotta stop being blamed on everyone else from labels to people, and its gotta be THE COMMON DENOMINATOR.

The full communication at has since been removed.

Chamillionaire Drops ‘Won’t Let You Down’, Posts Video Message

Chamillionaire is celebrating the new year by releasing the super extended 18 minute version of ‘Won’t Let You Down’ featuring everybody from Texas. The rapper also commented on the Chris Stokes and Raz B situation. “I logged on to answer this question that everybody been kinda asking me since Christmas, and I think it’s very important that I answer it. It would be like, ‘What kind of car is you in?’ It’s okay to ask me, but like Stokes and Raz B, it sure is nasty,” the rapper said to begin a poetical verse. Watch the message below.

Chamillionaire ‘Won’t Let You Down’ Texas Version Sneek Peak

Chamillionaire’s Chamillitary Entertainment artist Famous checked in with a video clip from the studio, playing a clip of the extended Texas version of ‘Won’t Let You Down’, featuring Lil Flip, Paul Wall and the late Pimp C, amongst others. This is an exclusive sneek preview of the 15-minute version that will be released on New Year’s Eve on YouTube has since removed the video.

Chamillionaire Shows Off His Drumming ‘Talent’

Chamillionaire drums

Chamillionaire shows the world his hidden talent and his love for Rock & Roll, showing his talents behind a drum kit. “Everyone knows I can drop. Everyone knows I can play basketball very well,” he said. “Everyone knows I’m an excellent bowler. I’m excellent at typing on my two-way, Sidekick whatever. You already know I’m an excellent rapper, if you ain’t know that I’m gonna show you the Grammy a little later. But right now I’m gonna show you a hidden talent that you didn’t know I could do. This is not cooking. This is drums. It’s all about rhythm people.” Well, not quite a hidden “talent”, Neil Peart probably isn’t looking over his shoulder. Watch the clip below.

Chamillionaire Discusses ‘Mixtape Messiah 4’

Chamillionaire posted a new video clip where he discusses ‘Mixtape Messiah 4’, out December 18th and upcoming projects before a soundcheck for his Thanksgiving show with Busta Rhymes and E40 in Denver. Watch it via YouTube below.

Local Artists Show Support For Mike Jones At ‘American Dream’ Premiere

Mike Jones

On November 8th, fans and local artists were all on hand at the AMC 30 Dunvale to celebrate the opening of Mike Jones’ ‘American Dream’, a film about Jones’ life and rise to stardom. “For the local artists to come out, that was big. It’s Houston helping Houston,” Jones told the Houston Chronicle, referring to popular Houston rappers Bun-B, Slim Thug, Z-Ro and Chamillionaire. “We’re letting everybody know we’re going to help and support each other.” Read more.