Hip Hop At The Highland

Lil’ Zane, Drez of Black Sheep, Chino XL, Kurrupt, and Rockwilder were at The Highland on Thursday (February 10) in Hollywood, California. Check out pictures from GettyImages.

Chino XL And Scarface Star In New Movie

AllHipHop.com reports Chino XL will star in a new film with fellow rapper Scarface entitled ‘Consequences’, and he also recently appeared on CBS’ soap opera, ‘The Young and The Restless’. Chino said, “It’s interesting to have the young security on the CBS lot recognize me as Chino XL the rapper and the older security dudes recognize me as Chino XL, the problem.”

Chino XL In Soap Operas, Finishes Up Next LP

Contributed Anonymously:

Rapper/actor Chino XL has really crossed over to the movie industry. Chino is currently filming episodes of CBS’ ‘Young & The Restless’. The showtimes will start on February 9th (check your local listings). Chino is also finishing up a lead role as an undercover LAPD detective in a new indy film. The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

Chino XL Recording New Version Of ‘Poison Pen’

Chino XL caught up with AllHipHop.com to chat about his new album ‘Chino XL Is Poison Pen’, due to hit stores sometime next year instead of the original release of February 2003. The rapper explained he wanted to re-record the album, because the first version of the album was “too dark.” Chino says, “It’s a completely different album. This album is my actual expression about how much hip-hop really means to me. You might only get into this mode once in your lifetime, so I figured let me just do it.”