Coupla Questions: Classified caught up with Classified for a Coupla Questions, where the rapper offered advice for up and coming MCs. “Don’t be lazy. Put in that work,” he said. “If you’re not working towards what you’re trying to do, someone else is. Especially with this music and hip-hop thing, where like I said there’s not much of an industry up there. If you expect to make a living on this, not so much rich and famous, but if you want to make a living, you really got to put in that extra work and do that sh** that you don’t want to do. It’s not about just putting the album out. You got to go and do the interviews. You have to send the stuff away. Nobody is going to do it for you. You’re not going to just get a record deal. You have to kind of bring yourself up before you can expect anyone else to look at you. Put that extra work in. If your sitting there wondering what you should be doing, there’s something to do. Always.”

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