Clipse Discuss Their Stint With Jive Records talked to Clipse about their time at Jive Records, where they said despite being pretty much banned from their offices, things didn’t get too bad. Malice and Pusha-T are now with Columbia Records. The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Clipse’s Pusha T Responds To Lil Wayne Complex Magazine Remarks

Pusha T of the Clipse is responding to some comments in the Complex magazine uncut comments Lil Wayne made at, where the rapper said, “I mean no disrespect to the Clipse, nor Pharrell and them, but I was the hottest nigga to ever have Bapes on… quote that, and I’m the hottest nigga that’ll never put another piece of it on because of the way they did me.” After Lil Wayne said he doesn’t want any beef after the remark, Pusha T said, “If that’s the case and he doesn’t want that, he might want to shut his fu**in mouth! Cause Lil Wayne isn’t aggressive enough to mention myself, my brother, or any parts of this Reup Gang regime in an interview.” As for Lil Wayne’s claims he’s willing to kill over beefs, Pusha said, “Let’s be honest. The first time he touched a gun, he shot his goddamn self. Then when he just got caught with a gun in New York City, he didn’t have no bullets in it. So we already know he’s not good with guns.” He also promises to address anything else Lil Wayne brings up when the full issue comes out.

The video at YouTube has since been removed.

Clipse Split From Label

Clipse recently chatted with Much RapCity about their recent split from their label Jive Records and their plans with moving forward. Watch the interview below.

Clipse ‘Mr. Me Too’ Video

Clipse are out with the video to their new single ‘Mr. Me Too’, featuring Pharrell Williams, from their forthcoming album ‘Hell Hath No Fury’. Watch it online below.