Clipse Brings Gangland Fantasies Down To Street Level

Clipse album 'Lord Willin' album cover

Zac Crain of the Dallas Observer reviewed the new Clipse album ‘Lord Willin” and commented, “From ‘Intro’ to the pair of ‘Grindin” remixes that end the set, including a stop at ‘Comedy Central’, Clipse brings gangland fantasies back down to street level. They’re still fantasies (aren’t they?), but at least they aren’t cartoons. Will Pusha T and Malice hold it together when they don’t have to worry about hustling for dollars? Lord willin’.” Read more.

Clipse At In-Store CD Signing has photos of Malice and Pusha T of Clipse in an in-store CD signing at HMV 125 Street Harlem in New York on Thursday (August 22). Check out the photos here.