Eastwood, Crooked I & Young Noble ‘After Inauguration’

Eastwood, Crooked I and Young Noble teamed with super-producer Meech Wells & Tha Pusha as President Barack Obama began the first full day of his presidency, delivering an inspirational offering, in the form of a brand new anthem entitled ‘After Inauguration’. The track congratulates Obama on becoming the first black leader of the country in one of the biggest moments in US history. Download and listen to the track at sharebee.com.

Crooked I Severs Ties With Death Row, Inks Distribution Deal

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After five long years waiting for his highly anticipated album release, Crooked I has officially severed all ties and legally left, Death Row Records. Crooked I has just inked a distribution deal with Universal Records. The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

Tha Row Says Crooked I Still Signed

According to representatives of incarcerated mogul Suge Knight, rapper Crooked I is still under contract to Tha Row. “Crooked I is still signed,” Tha Row’s spokesman Jonathan Wolfson told AllHipHop.com. “This all stems from the upcoming release of Kurupt’s album Against The Grain. There might have been a jealously element because Kurupt’s new album is dropping first.”

Crooked I Officially Leaves Death Row Records

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Rumors of Crooked I leaving Death Row Records have been circulating the past couple months, but BallerStatus.net have got the official word from Crooked I himself. The rapper decided to leave on Friday (March 5) when his contract expired, but is trying to keep the departure on good terms with his now former label.

Crooked I Aims To Bring Back West Coast Respect

With Kurupt from Tha Dogg Pound now V.P., and Michel’le and Danny Boy returning as the soul of Suge Knight’s musical family, Tha Row aims to bring back the glory. Crooked I is expected to carry the heaviest load. “The West Coast is not at all where it used to be. The feeling of it is not the same, the pride in our music is not the same, our fans are not supporting us like they used to,” Crooked tells LA Weekly, then breaks into a mischievous grin. “But we are going to do something about that.”

Crooked I Speaks Out On East/West Coast Issues

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SoHood.com got an opportunity to interview Crooked I Tha Bad Guy set to drop his debut album Say Hi To The bad Guy in August. He’s also featured in the ‘Dysfunktional Family Soundstack’ In Stores April 22. Get to know the future of Hip-hop and Future of Death Row self-proclaimed King of The West Coast Crooked I spoke about his album, his notorious record label, life, East/West Coast issues, and his future in Hip-hop. Check out the interview here.

Crooked I Speaks About Snoop, Murder Inc & More

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Allhiphop.com has an interview with Death Row artist Crooked I. In this interview he speaks about the incident that happened at the BET awards with Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight. He also talks about his relationship with Murder Inc. records and more. Check it out here.

It’s ‘Still Tha Row’ With Crooked I’s Debut

The lead single by Crooked I lets the world know that It’s ‘Still The Row!’ Tha Row Records (formerly Death Row Records) will release the soundtrack to ‘DysFunKtional Family’ on March 25th with Crooked I leading the assault. The track features Crooked I and newcomer Virginia Slim on the offensive, targeting the police department for the recent raids on their company.

Crooked I Looking Forward To Being Tha Row’s First

Steve Hochman of the Los Angeles Times spoke with Suge Knight and the first rapper to release an album on his Tha Row records, Crooked I. “Some artists may not have wanted to be the first,” says the rapper, 26. “2Pac alone sold something like 30 million albums on Death Row. Some people are scared of that. But I’m ready to step into the pressure. If I was Kobe [Bryant], I want to hit that last shot to win the game. I’m up to the challenge.”