Cypress Hills’ DJ Muggs Clears ‘Dust’

“I’ve been wanting to do a lot of music like this,” Cypress Hills’ DJ Muggs tells of the dark, downtempo trip-hop sound that permeates his forthcoming solo debut, ‘Dust’, to be released March 11th. Muggs plans to take Dust out on the road next year. “It will be a big production, with video screens and more,” he says. As for recreating the album live with the vocalists, he says, “We’ll see what happens. I’m sure some of the vocalists will be able to make some of the big cities.”

Behind The Scenes With Cypress Hill

BThere.TV hung out with Cypress Hill’s studios as B Real and DJ Muggs are at the board for their next album. It kind of has a groupie tone since a “superfan” named Stephanie did the interviewing. They also blast major record labels in the clips. has since shut down.

Cypress Hill’s Muggs Doesn’t Even Listen To Hip-Hop

Deborah Benjamin of the Oklahoma Daily spoke with Lawrence ‘Muggs’ Muggerud about what kind of music he’s been listening to lately and he surprisingly revealed, “I’m listening to Phil Collins today — dead ass serious. I bought me Phil Collins record. I love music; I love all kinds of styles. I like different music for different reasons. Right now I’m listening to Bjork and Phil Collins, fu**ing Everything But the Girl, Fugazi — I’m listening to weird sh** right now. I don’t even to listen to hip-hop to tell you the truth. It’s very rare that an album captures my attention anymore. I like the Nas album a lot, but that was about all I liked.”

Stoned Raiders Is Cypress Hill’s Most Diverse Album

Ryan Bartek of Get Real Detroit spoke with Cyrpress Hill’s Eric Bobo who talked about the group’s new album saying, “I think it’s our most diverse album because it encompasses many different sounds. It’s like the best of all the Cypress Hill albums in one. It was just an album that we really wanted to experiment and try to make different.”

Cypress Hill’s Muggs Says Hip-Hop All Formula Now

Sean Richardson of the Boston Phoenix spoke with Muggs of Cypress Hill for his thoughts on the group’s new album and hip-hop in general. Muggs blasted, “When hip-hop started out, it was an urban punk rock. Now it’s a formula: you put in some sweet R&B sh**, get a singer to sing on it, and you’re getting on the radio. I mean, it’s a business, so there’s some motherfu**ers who are tired of still being broke after three records. They’re like, ‘Fu** it, I’m gonna do this sh**.'” The full story at has since been removed.

DJ Muggs Says Cypress Hill Has Matured Tremendously

Colin Devenish of LiveDaily spoke with Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs and when asked how the band has improved over the years, he said, “I think we’ve matured, man, immensely. Just from boys–coming into a business and a game–to men. Being able to see the world and do things, and being able to just put out records with everything we’ve been through internally and externally. And being able to still be successful after all these years and still be relevant, just as relevant as were back then. That’s a lot right there.”

B-Real Blasts Nu-Metal As ‘A-B-C Rappers’

Cypress Hill’s B-Real blasted the new era of nu-metal rap-rock acts out today saying of the genre, “We call ’em A-B-C-rappers ’cause they’re so basic. When you get true rappers, they can rap over anything… they find pockets to rap in on the beats. They find any style for any particular beat. That’s why people dig what we do over the metal thing. We’re taking complicated hip-hop rap styles and putting them over these hardcore beats as opposed to rockers with basic-assed styles of rhyming. We’re definitely giving (fans) what it should be like.” Read more.

Cypress Hill Release 2 Tracks on the Web

Cypress Hill have released 2 tracks off their new album, ‘Stoned Raiders’ for listening on the band’s official website…. Nope, they’re not MP3 [both are compressed – RAM/ASX] that include ‘Lowrider’ and ‘Trouble’. The two tracks that will be part of the December 4 release.