D12 Discuss New Album, Eminem, Bugz & Proof

D12 talked with Tim Westwood on BBC 1Xtra about Bizarre’s new album and his birthday, Eminem’s recovery, and losing Bugz and Proof. “We always kept in touch,” Kuniva said. “We always were in the studio when he’s in there. He’ll be lookin how he looks and it didn’t look good at the time. At that time he really had to go through what he went through and hit bottom, because he can only help himself. He didn’t recognize his own problem until it all came.” The discussion prompted Bizarre to joke that nobody talks about his addiction to horse tranquilizers. Watch the interview via YouTube below.

Bizarre: New D12 Coming Soon… $750 For A Verse

Bizarre of D12 checked in with a video blog for fans, revealing that a new D12 album is coming soon. The rapper said, “I know what it’s like to struggle from paycheck to paycheck and try to get your dues in and be independent,” he said. “I’m all about the independent movement.” Because of that, Bizarre is offering $750 to get him on a verse. He said the special is only good until January 19th. YouTube has since removed the video.

D12 Plan A New Album

Kon Artis (Denaun Porter) of D12 tells the Detroit Free Press the group will press on with a new album despite the death of bandmate Proof last month. “If people think that because he’s not here we’re not going to keep doing what we’re doing, then they’re wrong,” said the rapper. He added, “We’re just taking the record to the next level. We had some songs recorded already. We got a song called ‘Holding Our Own’ that we recorded and Proof is on that song.”

Eminem, D12 Devastated Over Proof’s Death

Kelley L Carter of the Detroit Free Press offered additional insight on the life and death of D12 rapper Proof, who was Eminem’s best man and served as Slim’s hype man on tour. A source close to Eminem said Tuesday that Eminem was devastated, and that the pair had been particularly close over the past few weeks, as Eminem’s second marriage to Kim Mathers unraveled. D12 bandmate Denaun Porter, aka Kon Artis, said, “I just don’t know how to feel right now. It’s crazy because we’re suffering all these losses. We lost Bugz. Now we lost Proof. I just don’t know, you know what I mean? We’re all so messed up. Whatever happened, whoever this dude is, is still around. This is just crazy.”

D12 Doing Two Movies, Members Preparing Solo Albums

D12 are receiving some recognition from MTV, being nominated for three MTV VMAs including ‘Best Video of the Year,’ ‘Best Group Video’ and ‘Best Rap Video’. The group’s current single, ‘How Come,’ has continued to stay on MTV’s TRL since it’s release.

Other than their recent tour, D12 are staying busy. They have also dipped their hands into movies as the group have two new feature films in the works. The full article at ballerstatus.net has since been removed or relocated.

D12 ‘Git Up’ Video

D12 World

Eminem and D12 are out with the video to their new single ‘Git Up’. Watch it via YouTube below.

D12 'Git Up' music video

D12 Extend U.S. Tour

MTV News reports that nearly 20 shows have been added to D12’s upcoming summer tour, which kicks off June 19 in Milwaukee and is slated to end in New Haven, Connecticut. Detroit hip-hop group Slum Village and Southern rapper Bone Crusher will open the shows for D12, who will be touring without Eminem at the helm. Check out the tour dates here.