No Beef On D12 Sophomore Album

D12 World mailbox

andPOP recently interviewed Bizarre and Proof of D12 about their sophomore album, ‘D12 World,’ due in April. Instead of beefs, the group chose to focus less on the trivial matters and its members “stepped the game up,” as Bizarre says. “We took it to a more mature level. We basically did the same thing as the first album so you’ll see a little growth there.” As for Eminem being in the group and taking up the majority of the spotlight, Proof reasoned, “He’s the biggest artist in the world, so what else they gonna do?” Read more.

Eminem Performs New D12 Material In Vegas

The Las Vegas Sun reports that when Eminem was at V Bar on Monday with Interscope Records execs, a woman asked him to rap for her. With that, Slim proceeded to have the club get him a mike, and he gave an impromptu performance of several new songs he recorded with the group D12, as well as several of his most popular solo efforts. V Bar staff blasted the live performance throughout the casino, which attracted a huge crowd to the bar, all vying for a chance to catch a glimpse.

D12 Ready For ‘Halloween’ reports D12 have entered the studio to record their second album, ‘Devil’s Night II: Halloween’. The Detroit rap ensemble will release the set in February 2004.

D12 & Cypress Hill Lavish Lap Dancer

hip hop group Cypress Hill

The Sunday Mail reports D12 and Cypress Hill lavished thousands on a stunning blonde lap dancer – because they loved her Scots accent. Former ballet student Natasha Wilson said, “They paid me a lot of attention and were very keen to ask about my background because they liked my accent. They were very big tippers and drank a lot of champagne. It was a brilliant night. I was shattered by the end of it.”

Eminem Keeps Busy Helping Obie & D12 In Studio

MTV News reports Eminem has been living in the studio for the past few months, making sure his Shady Records empire stays on top by helping out on Obie Trice’s spring debut, and will later help with D12’s sophomore effort, due this summer. Later in the year, he’ll be prepping his next album for a 2004 release sometime in the first quarter. Read more.

Royce Da 5’9” Targetted In D12 Diss Track

Royce Da 5’9″ dubbed D-12 the worst rap group out right now… and the pal (?) of Eminem, who collaborated on ‘Rock City’, is now under the gun in the new D12 diss track. Em doesn’t show up on the cut. Royce did tell recently, “We parted ways. It happens. That’s my dog. I love him to death.”

D12’s Proof Relates To Nirvana Singer

While Proof of D12 is hardly suicidal, he tells that he devoted a song to his group mates on his solo debut in an effort to express the daily stress of remaining relevant as a rapper. “The song ‘Kurt Cobain’ is a song dedicated to Eminem and D-12 and at the end of the song, I kill myself. I relate to him on that level with just the pressures of life in this industry, the struggles of the music game, the struggles within yourself – that you’d rather not be in this mother,” he admitted. “Every icon that I use on there is not for namesake. Its how I relate to them,” he said after singing a verse from and unnamed Janice Joplin song.”

Eminem Aims For Dre-Like Perfection On 50 Cent, Obie Trice, D12 LPs

Eminem tells MTV News that despite his success in ‘8 Mile’, he won’t be doing anymore films anytime soon. “I’m staying in the studio,” Eminem said on Wednesday. “I’m gonna keep plugging away at that.” Slim added, “Obie is in the studio. His album is half-done. We are hoping for spring [for Obie Trice’s release] and D12 in the fall. And we’ve already got songs for that album. We sneak [recording D12] songs in between [50 Cent’s] album. And Obie’s album … expect the same quality as 50’s album, from my album, from Dre’s album. It’s the same type of producers, it’s the same type of perfectionists in the studio with every artist. We won’t put it out unless it’s perfect.” Read more.

D12’s Proof Releases EP Ahead Of Full Length Album

D-12 rapper Proof (a.k.a. Dirty Harry) is to release a six-track solo EP entitled ‘Electric Coolaid’ on December 17th, just in time for Christmas. The EP is just a warm-up before Proof, who has been featured on over 20 albums releases, releases his first full-length solo album. The album, titled ‘Searching For Jerry Garcia’, is set for release February 18th, 2003.