D12 Plotting Follow-Up

According to D12 fan site D12World.com, this spring the guys from D12 will be starting the finishing touches on a second D12 album, and they add there will be “a little surprise will be in the middle of their first and second album. stay tuned!”

D12 Shirt HMV’s Top Seller

Ananova reports an X-Rated D12 T-Shirt featuring Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera was 2001’s top selling garment item at HMV. The shirt features an obscene slogan (Christina Sucks/Britney Swallows) about the two singers often ridiculed by D12 leader Eminem.

D12 Deflated Without Eminem

Jonathan Valania of the Philadelphia Inquirer was at Tuesday’s D12 concert Theatre of Living Arts in Philly. Valania had a mixed review of the show concluding, “Despite D12’s relentlessly in-your-face performance, Mathers’ absence let the air out of the proceedings: The crew pretty much had to beg the half-filled room to ask for an encore.”

D12 / Gorillaz Collab Coming To Web

WENN reports the collaboration between D12 and the Gorillaz is set to hit the respective bands’ official websites by the end of the month. Gorillaz animated member Murdoc said of working with D12, “Working with D12 was a reassuring experience. I like their work ethic — turn up en masse to the studio with a whole bunch of good looking girls, bags of grass, champagne and sweets. And just laying it down, baby.”

Conan O’Brien Jokes About D12 Appearance

During his monologue Wednesday night, Conan O’Brien joked, “I love this story. The other day in Detroit, a dad hired the hardcore rap group D12 to appear at his son’s bar mitzvah. Yeah, and apparently — apparently the crowd went crazy when the rappers sang ‘give your bitches some knishes.'”

D12 Plays Bar Mitzvah

In a sign that perhaps D12 knows their days are numbered, especially without the support of Eminem, the group played a bar mitzvah for Ethan Weisman in the tiny suburb of West Bloomfield Township, Michigan. The guys didn’t perform because the kid’s father didn’t feel comfortable with the guys’ material, but they did meet with the guests, signed autographs, and took pictures.

D12 August Search Queries

The August search results on Goto.com for D12 are in and the band got a respectable 51,592 searches for the month, while frontman Eminem got 163,761 searches on his own right. What’s interesting is searches for band members who don’t have ‘universal’ names like ‘Proof’ or ‘Bizarre’ so absolutely no search traffic. Kon Arist and Kuniva show no searches, making me wonder, do any individual members of the group even have a public identity? And yeah, the same non results apply to the group’s real names and aliases…. Except Eminem of course.

D12 and Gorillaz Join Up

D12 and cartoon band Gorillaz have joined forces to create a track which is yet to be named. A source told the Sun, “Damon was nervous, but it turned out brilliantly.”

D12 Flight Receives Bomb Threat

The Daily Mirror reports a plane carrying the members of D12 (not including Eminem) were on a Virgin Atlantic flight that was nearing its destination of JFK Airport from London Heathrow when a bomb threat was called in.

D12 Announce US Concert Plans Minus Slim

D12 and Kottonmouth Kings will be touring this fall beginning October 15 in New Haven, CT with the tour winding up on November 20 in their home town of Detroit. Eminem will not join them as he’s filming his autobiographical movie.